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Granite, Marble, Quartz and Other Stone Applications Outside of the Kitchen and Bath

Everyone loves a beautiful granite countertop that is set in the kitchen or bathroom. Those are the two rooms most associated with stone because they are the two rooms that almost always have countertops of some kind. However, did you know that granite, marble and quartz can be used just as effectively in other areas of the home? When you open your mind to the possibilities, you will soon see that there is a place for stone surfaces in many spots that you may not expect. Here are some examples to consider.

StoneWorld WetBar
The Wet Bar

If you are going to include a wet bar in the design of your home, or if you already have one that is in need of renovation, using stone is a natural choice. Ideally, you will be able to carry the same type of stone through to the wet bar that you have already used in the kitchen. Using a stone counter on the wet bar in your living room or den will give the space a finished, high-end look. Our specialized stone consultants can help when deciding on weather to use granite, marble, or quartz for your wet bar countertops.

StoneWorld Custom Table
A Custom Table

When you need to add a new table to your home, consider using a piece of stone as the top of the table. This might be a unique idea, but it can look absolutely beautiful in the right setting. When you are able to pick out a piece of stone that fits in nicely with the rest of your décor, you can have that slab turned into a table with very little trouble. The resulting table will be heavy, sturdy, and a conversation piece for years to come.

StoneWorld Fireplace
Around a Fireplace

It is always a nice touch to add a fireplace to a living room or even a bedroom, but it can be tough to find a material to use as a finish around the edges of the fireplace installation. As you struggle with this conundrum, be sure to consider some form of natural stone for the job. The stone will serve as a nice contrast to the fire in many cases, and natural stone obviously holds up very nicely against the heat. Brick is a classic material to use around a fireplace, but you just might fall in love with the look that is possible when you opt for stone.

StoneWorld Outdoor Kitchen
An Outdoor Kitchen

Okay, so this is still a kitchen, but it isn’t the kitchen inside your home. If you are going to have an outdoor kitchen on your property, a stone counter – such as granite – is a great pick. Stone is naturally inclined to fight off the elements, and it looks just as beautiful outdoors as it does inside. It can be tough to build an outdoor kitchen that is going to stand the test of time, but a granite counter is one piece of the puzzle that should be a no-brainer.


No matter where you decide to use stone in or around your home, Stone World would be happy to lend our experience and expertise. Contact us right away for more information on the products and services that we have to offer and to request a FREE consultation. Thanks for stopping by!

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An Education in Granite

When most people think about stone counters, they think first about granite. Sure, there are plenty of other strong contenders for this job – quartz and marble are two great examples – but there is something about granite that keeps people coming back time after time. As you would expect, this blog has focused on granite several times due to the popularity of this beautiful stone. To learn more about everything that granite has to offer, it might be helpful to review some of the previous blog posts listed below.

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You probably don’t need to be sold on the virtues of using granite as a countertop in your home, as the benefits of this stone are well-known. However, the information above might provide you with the boost you need to take the next step toward installing a new piece of granite somewhere around your house. To work with an experienced team who can provide you with the stone and service you need for a successful project, please contact Stone World today. Thanks for reading!

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My Granite Countertop is Heat Proof – Right?

Heat Proof Granite Counter?

Heat Proof Granite Counter?

One of the top selling points when considering granite countertops is the fact that you can place hot items right on the counter without the need for a trivet or other protective product. The advantage to the chef is obvious – pull something out of the oven, and set it safely on the counter without a worry. This is a far better proposition than having to hunt down a place to put your hot pan, but is it true? In other words, is a granite countertop actually heat proof?

Yes, Mostly

When you are doing typical cooking in your kitchen, you should be able to place hot items down on your granite countertop without damage to the counter itself. Granite is a natural rock, and it was actually formed by heat originally in nature. It isn’t going to melt or anything like that, so you can set your hot items on the counter with confidence. However, some granite surfaces are comprised of some soft, thin strips of granite. These thin strips lack enough surface area to absorb all the heat from the piping hot pots and pans, thereby resulting into chipping and scratching of the lustrous surface. Use caution when applying hot items to your granite. If you’re unsure – use a trivet!

Read our Care & Maintenance

One Caveat

Granite countertops are typically sealed in order to protect them from bacteria and from stains. When you consistently place hot items on your granite – especially if you place those items in the same spot over and over – you might wear away the sealant that had been put there to protect the counter. Therefore, if a spill were to occur somewhere down the line in that location, the counter may be susceptible to staining due to the lack of sealant. If you are going to regularly use your counter to hold hot items, a periodic refreshing of the sealant may be advised in order to maintain protection on your investment.

Another Consideration

While your granite countertop should be able to take any heat that you can throw at it, you want to be careful that you keep track of what is hot as you are working your way around the kitchen preparing a meal. When you don’t have natural stone counters, you generally will use either a trivet or the stovetop to hold hot items. Therefore, you remember those things are hot because they are in a specific place. However, if your whole granite countertop is safe for hot items, you may forget that they are hot and reach for them with a bare hand. Obviously, that is a mistake with painful consequences.

Of course, the risk of burning yourself on a hot pan is not a good reason to avoid granite. Stone countertops are great for a long list of reasons, but you might want to think about having some kind of system in your kitchen to remind yourself of what is hot, and what is safe to touch. For example, you could set hot items to the right of the stove, and everything else to the left or in another location.

To find out all about granite countertops, please contact Stone World TN today. In addition to holding up to heat, there are a number of other advantages that will cause you to strongly consider granite for your next kitchen countertop. Thank you for stopping by!

Three Rules for Proper Granite Bathroom Countertop Care

There is occasionally some hesitation amongst homeowners in the Middle Tennessee area who are looking to install a granite bathroom countertop. They fear that the upkeep and maintenance is difficult, but it can be boiled down to the three granite bathroom countertop rules below.

Granite bathroom countertop care rules

Rule #1: Sealing a granite bathroom countertop

Granite Bathroom Countertop Care

Granite Bathroom Countertop Care

Those in Middle Tennessee who properly seal their granite bathroom countertop enjoy stain free living. You can do this yourself and will not need to hire someone to do it for you. Your granite bathroom countertop should generally be sealed every year, but too often can lead to it looking milky. Here are two tests to help you determine if you need to seal your granite bathroom countertop:

  1. Take paint thinner and place it on a tiny part of your granite bathroom countertop. Watch carefully, if it begins to darken you need to protect it against oil based stains.
  2. Use a piece of paper towel that is wet in a small area. Leave it on a spot on your granite bathroom countertop for a few minutes, up to five at most. If the area darkens you need to seal against water based stains. This is very important in the bathroom – obviously!

Just be sure to completely clean your granite bathroom countertop with a granite cleaner, available at most hardware stores in the Middle Tennessee area, before applying the sealer that you need and you’ll be fine.

Rule #2: Cleaning your granite bathroom countertop

You need to use the right type of cleaners on your granite bathroom countertop or it will lose its finish. This includes the obvious ones that are being used more than they should be in the Middle Tennessee area, like bleach and ammonia, but also includes natural products like lemon and other acidic cleaners. A mild soap and some water is all you need.

Making sure that you have a dry cloth around to clean up any spills on your granite bathroom countertop will also help keep it clean of stains. A good sealant will keep this from happening, but better safe than stained, right?

Rule #3: Preventing damage to your granite bathroom countertops

A granite bathroom countertop is resistant to heat, but why test it needlessly? Be sure not to leave curling irons directly on the surface, and turn your hairdryer off. Enough heat will damage anything on Earth, even granite.

Try to hang anything with sharp edges as they can damage a granite bathroom countertop over time. Have a pad around if you’re setting something sharp down on it in the same spot repeatedly to prevent anything from happening.

Have a granite bathroom countertop installed in your home

You see? Three simple rules, nothing too complicated. You can have a granite bathroom countertop installed in your home here in Middle Tennessee and not have to worry about complicated maintenance.

Contact the team here at Stone World today to start working on which granite bathroom countertop will work best with your design ideas!

Granite Countertop Installation: Start to Finish

Granite countertop installation goes much like other countertop installations, but with a few tweaks that make it unique. Home owners in the Middle Tennessee area who are looking to do a granite countertop installation would be wise to follow the general guidelines below to get an idea of the workflow involved in a granite countertop installation.

Granite countertop installation: Designs and templates

You can’t start ripping things out until you have a design in place. Typically, your designer will start by taking measurements of everything. If you’re keeping the same layout they’ll measure your appliances and fixed items. If this is a complete remodel they’ll leave this for later and instead focus on the location of plumbing and electrical wiring.

This is where the designing can really begin in earnest. All of your ideas, thoughts, pictures, and craziest plans start to get whittled down into the things which will actually work for your specific home in Middle Tennessee. For a granite countertop installation, carefully measuring the placements of sinks is important, this is a measure more than twice and cut once scenario as you only have one shot with granite.

Another step here is how thick your countertop will be before you begin the granite countertop installation process. A countertop that’s too thin could literally break your design efforts. One which is too thick could crush your dreams as it crushes your cabinets! Standard cabinets can handle 1 – 1 1/4 inch thick granite countertop installations. If you want something thicker you had better plan for it now during the design process.

With the designing done the team can start moving on to a physical template for your granite countertop installation by using plywood, or photogrammetry. This step may take a couple weeks as plans are perfected and finalized.

Granite countertop installation: Prep work

Getting cabinets ready for granite counters!

Getting cabinets ready for granite counters!

This is when all the prep work happens for your granite countertop installation. Depending on the order of your renovation and how extensive it is, your appliances, sinks, and cabinets will all need to be removed, or protected.

With everything out of the way or covered, the old countertop will come off. This can be difficult to do as they are typically large here in the bigger homes of Middle Tennessee, and L-shaped units are aplenty.

Granite countertop installation: Ready to install

Your granite countertop installation is ready to begin once the actual countertop makes its way to your home in Middle Tennessee. With the prep work done above, and your cabinets already installed if you’re getting new ones, it is time to make it happen.

First the installers will set the granite countertop down without using glue. The sink will be clamped in place and sealed with silicon epoxy to the granite countertop. Holes for faucet pipes will be drilled if not taken care of already. There may be some slight leveling with shims, but a well done design will not need much.

The last step in your granite countertop installation is putting up the backsplash and sealing it along the seams, and sealing the granite countertop to the cabinets with an epoxy. Before everyone walks away, the sealant is applied.

Granite countertop installation in Middle Tennessee

For the best granite countertop installation in Middle Tennessee, come talk to the team here at Stone World. This team has helped on both the simplest, and most complex, granite countertop installation projects in the Middle Tennessee area.

3 Kitchen Design Ideas that Work Great with Black Granite Countertops

There are three main kitchen designs that work well with black granite countertops. These three choices are all popular here in the Middle Tennessee area, and can look great in your home too – with the right black granite countertops, of course!

The modern kitchen always looks great with black granite countertops

Stone World Black Granite

Stone World Black Granite

A modern kitchen with black granite countertops is a staple here in Middle Tennessee. Sleek lines, and minimalist design go great with black’s stark look.

Many color schemes can play off of black granite countertops in the kitchen. The most popular choice here in Middle Tennessee is black granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, white walls, and red highlights.

For something a little more earthy, try black granite countertops with blue appliances, orchid walls, and emerald highlights. Your design ideas will be different, but your options are not limited when you choose black granite countertops and a modern design.

Retro kitchens with black granite countertops

Retro style kitchens have always been kitsch here in the Middle Tennessee area, and black granite countertops can do wonders for one. A black granite countertop with a classic black and white checkerboard floor is almost a requirement in retro kitchen designs!

If you’re concerned about your modern appliances not working with your black granite countertop and retro design, specialty companies are making these retro items. You can also look at hiding your appliances behind custom cabinetry.

As far as colors to paint it go with retro kitchens, the automatic choice is pastels. While this works, there were bright colors in the past! Some of the best looking retro kitchens in the Middle Tennessee area with black granite countertops choose exciting monochromatic colors – bright yellow being a favorite.

Luxury kitchens with black granite countertops

Black granite countertops create an air of opulence that is only rivalled by marble. A dark granite countertop can do even more than marble’s textured look by creating a unified theme that is essential for a luxurious feel.

To complete the look to match your black granite countertops, use stainless steel appliances, a center island, recessed lighting, and upscale appliances like a plate warmer or my favorite, an under counter wine cooler.

Getting black granite countertops to work for you

If you want black granite countertops in your home, but need help finalizing the design, contact the team here at Stone World. They’ve helped many of your neighbors in the Middle Tennessee area choose the best style and execute it perfectly.

Using Granite In Your Business

Granite can be used in a surprising amount of places – Have you considered using granite in your business?

When people hear the word granite, it’s easy to quickly imagine a kitchen with a set of stunning countertops. But, because of its undeniable versatility and durability, granite can be used in a surprising amount of places. Your business can be just one of them.

While much more expensive than tile or hardwood flooring, granite floors are truly built to wow. Imagine the same benefits and beauty of a granite countertop, but on the ground. It’s easy to clean, incredibly tough and there are so many options and styles to choose from that you can create a space that is uniquely your own. And, granite is known for being long lasting and easy to maintain.

Using Granite In Your Business

Granite is also gorgeous for fireplaces — this works especially well for old homes that have been converted into offices or for an office inside of a living space.

For businesses and companies looking to turn a simple office into a stunning visual, try installing granite desktops or tabletops in common areas. It’s a beautiful way to stun customers who are used to seeing run-of-the-mill offices.

Last, office bathrooms aren’t typically impressive places, but utilizing granite in bathroom countertops and sinks could be a way to change that. As a client or a customer, it’s easy to walk into an office or a place of business and not take notice of ones surroundings. However, by incorporating granite into more unique spaces and places around your business, you can be certain that you will stand out of the crowd.

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Granite vs Quartz vs Marble

Which is the option for you?

We already know a little bit about granite countertops; they’re durable and virtually timeless, they are formed by pressure and heat (and thus can withstand heat in the kitchen), and they’re relatively low maintenance. But, there are other options in the kitchen such as quartz and marble, which are also worth taking a look at.


Quartz is a crystallized stone that most people are familiar with seeing in white or clear variations, although it does come in others. It is also an extremely hard and durable surface, and is typically stain and scratch resistant and doesn’t need much maintenance (a granite countertop might need a new polish every now and again.) While natural quartz countertops are available, the majority of the inventory available is engineered quartz (which simply means that it is mixed with a vary small amount of polymer resins, typically). Quartz can allow color choices that aren’t available in other natural stone variations, which opens up a lot of options for some people.

Marble is another natural option for countertops and is similar in lots of ways because it is durable, timeless, and easy to clean. It typically forms from limestone rock which, like granite, has been exposed to high pressure and heat. The big difference with marble is that it is more porous and thus can scratch (especially by acid based items) and be stained a little bit more easily. But, despite its luxury look and reputation, it can still be cheaper than quartz and, sometimes, even granite.

When choosing your next counter tops and deciding weather to choose granite vs quartz vs marble, contact Stone World to discuss your options.

Africa Range Granite

From our Namibia quarry to your kitchen

Here at Stone World, we have access to highly unique granite that comes directly from our family quarry in Africa. This granite is exclusive to Stone World, and while it comes with all the same advantages and perks of typical granite, it is also truly one of a kind.

This granite, like all granite before it, comes together after being forged by heat and pressure. The end result is a spectacular granite from Africa that is both gorgeous and exotic.

Africa Range

We import our Africa Range Granite from Namibia, where our team spends significant time inspecting and excavating granite to ensure that it is of the highest quality. We cut our granite in Namibia with diamond wire saws, allowing extreme precision and creating a truly beautiful outcome.

We stock our granite in the quarry in Namibia to ensure enough product is always readily available to be shipped anywhere in the world. After extracting it from the earth, our team takes the granite to be further cut, polished, and sealed using state of the art equipment.

Our first priority is the quality of granite for our customers, and we work to ensure that on every step of the way — whether it’s cutting the granite or polishing it to bring forth the vivid colors of the African landscape. You’ll notice that many of our granite selections are named for aspects of African nature as well, because we work hard to bring forth the natural beauty and quality of this one of a kind granite. From our quarry to your countertop, we bring global luxury to you.

Care and Maintenance For Granite

Easy tips to take care of your granite

One of the biggest benefits of granite is that it doesn’t require much extensive care and maintenance in order to remain illustrious and durable. However, there are some simple precautions and steps to take to make sure the granite in your home or business is looking good and lasting as long as it possibly can.

Care and Maintenance For Granite

First, one of the most commonly suggested maintenance tips for granite it to use an “impregnator” to seal the top, which helps protect the stone from staining and unwanted moisture. Depending on the granite, its use and how well you seal it, how long the seal lasts can certainly vary. Some homeowners refurbish their seal once every few years, however new sealant technology suggests that many granite sealers can last as long as fifteen years. Not bad!

An easy way to test to make sure the seal is appropriately working is to drop a bit of water on there; if it beads up, the seal is in tact and working properly. If not, you can add another coat of the sealer.

As far as cleaning granite goes, you’ll want to avoid acid-based cleaners (as with most natural stone products). So, looking for something neutral to wipe down your countertops with will work best. It’s pretty tough to stain granite (especially granite with a sealer on it), but it’s smart not to let any solid or liquid sit out on granite for long periods of time in order to avoid staining.

Overall, care and maintenance For granite is relatively simple and easy to do. But, the better you take care of the granite in your home, the longer it will last and the better it will look.

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