Three Rules for Proper Granite Bathroom Countertop Care

There is occasionally some hesitation amongst homeowners in the Middle Tennessee area who are looking to install a granite bathroom countertop. They fear that the upkeep and maintenance is difficult, but it can be boiled down to the three granite bathroom countertop rules below.

Granite bathroom countertop care rules

Rule #1: Sealing a granite bathroom countertop

Granite Bathroom Countertop Care

Granite Bathroom Countertop Care

Those in Middle Tennessee who properly seal their granite bathroom countertop enjoy stain free living. You can do this yourself and will not need to hire someone to do it for you. Your granite bathroom countertop should generally be sealed every year, but too often can lead to it looking milky. Here are two tests to help you determine if you need to seal your granite bathroom countertop:

  1. Take paint thinner and place it on a tiny part of your granite bathroom countertop. Watch carefully, if it begins to darken you need to protect it against oil based stains.
  2. Use a piece of paper towel that is wet in a small area. Leave it on a spot on your granite bathroom countertop for a few minutes, up to five at most. If the area darkens you need to seal against water based stains. This is very important in the bathroom – obviously!

Just be sure to completely clean your granite bathroom countertop with a granite cleaner, available at most hardware stores in the Middle Tennessee area, before applying the sealer that you need and you’ll be fine.

Rule #2: Cleaning your granite bathroom countertop

You need to use the right type of cleaners on your granite bathroom countertop or it will lose its finish. This includes the obvious ones that are being used more than they should be in the Middle Tennessee area, like bleach and ammonia, but also includes natural products like lemon and other acidic cleaners. A mild soap and some water is all you need.

Making sure that you have a dry cloth around to clean up any spills on your granite bathroom countertop will also help keep it clean of stains. A good sealant will keep this from happening, but better safe than stained, right?

Rule #3: Preventing damage to your granite bathroom countertops

A granite bathroom countertop is resistant to heat, but why test it needlessly? Be sure not to leave curling irons directly on the surface, and turn your hairdryer off. Enough heat will damage anything on Earth, even granite.

Try to hang anything with sharp edges as they can damage a granite bathroom countertop over time. Have a pad around if you’re setting something sharp down on it in the same spot repeatedly to prevent anything from happening.

Have a granite bathroom countertop installed in your home

You see? Three simple rules, nothing too complicated. You can have a granite bathroom countertop installed in your home here in Middle Tennessee and not have to worry about complicated maintenance.

Contact the team here at Stone World today to start working on which granite bathroom countertop will work best with your design ideas!

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  1. It’s good to know that granite countertops ought to be cleaned with mild soap and water in order to protect its finish. My wife and I are looking at getting granite countertops in our home. If we do, we’ll be sure to avoid using harsh cleaners on it to keep it in good shape for as long as possible.

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