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Living Through a Nashville Kitchen Remodel – Three Essential Tips

Nashville Kitchen Remodel

Nashville Kitchen Remodel

Hey Nashville, are you getting ready to remodel your kitchen? If so, that’s great! A remodeled kitchen can make your home feel like new in many ways, and it will also likely add value to your house when the time comes to sell. However, there is some bad news that comes along with a Nashville kitchen remodel, and that is the fact that you aren’t going to have a kitchen for a prolonged period of time. Very few kitchen remodels happen quickly, as there are almost always a few unexpected delays along the way. So, if you are going to get from start to finish with your sanity in place, you will need to have a plan for how you are going to live through the remodel.

To help you toward that end, we have collected the following three tips. Put these three tips into action during your remodel and you should be able to look forward to an enjoyable and exciting project.

Tip #1 – A Basic, Temporary Kitchen

Sure, it might seem easy enough to just order out for dinner throughout your renovation – but that is going to get old, and expensive, in a hurry. You are sure to grow tired of paying to eat food that someone else has prepared, so you will want to set up a temporary kitchen somewhere around your home. Of course, you won’t be able to use all of your appliances, but you should be able to plug in your fridge, a toaster, and maybe a small microwave. Even having the ability to prepare some basics will take the pressure off of having to dine out each night.

Tip #2 – Take the Chance to Downsize

There is a good chance that you own far more kitchen appliances and accessories than you actually need. If that is the case, take this opportunity to downsize by giving away or throwing away those things you don’t need. As a good rule of thumb, think about the last time you used each item that you take out of your cabinets. If you haven’t used it in a year or more, there is very little chance you are going to use it moving forward. By downsizing, you will have less stuff to store around your home, and that means less clutter during the renovation.

Tip #3 – Get Out of the House

If possible, spend a little bit of extra time out of the house in order to take your mind off the renovation. Having a room remodeled is an expensive proposition, so you will probably be a bit stressed about the whole situation. To avoid driving yourself up a wall, and to avoid straining your family relationships, spend some time away from home while thinking about anything but a new kitchen.

When you plan on using stone as part of your remodeled kitchen, Stone World should be one of your first calls. Please contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer your project – thanks for visiting! To request a free quote, fill out the form here or call us at 615-350-7000. We look forward to hearing from you!

Below are some additional articles you may find helpful during your Nashville kitchen remodel!

Design Tips – Play Off the Colors in Your Countertop

It isn’t particularly difficult to install a variety of components into your home in order to complete a kitchen or bathroom. However, the task of actually bringing those individual components together into a cohesive unit that looks good as a whole is something entirely different. As you are thinking about the design and décor of your new space, it is important to keep in mind how each specific piece is going to work as a part of the whole.

Since your countertops are going to be one of the most-prominent features in your design, it only makes sense to use them as a starting point for developing a color palette. This works particularly well with stone, since many natural stones include a variety of colors which all can be used in one way or another. For example, a granite counter that is mostly black may have flecks of gray, white, and other shades that you can use for inspiration around the room.

Picking a Backsplash

The backsplash that you use for your counter is one of the key elements of design that needs to be settled before your project will be complete. As one option, you can choose to use the same material for your backsplash as you used for the counter itself. This kind of cohesive look is attractive to some people, while others prefer to have a backsplash that stand out as different from the counter. If you are looking for contrast, consider a backsplash that uses a color which is included to a small degree in your stone counter. Pick out a color that is flecked in your counter and use that as your shade of choice for the entire backsplash.

Think Cabinets

Other than your counters, it is your cabinets that will be taking up the most visual space in your kitchen – and probably your bath as well. As a general rule of thumb, you want to look for a dramatic contrast between the color of your cabinets and the color of your counters. Since each of these pieces is so large, having them take up a similar space in the color spectrum might not be the best design choice (although it can work in some cases).

So, if you are going with a light counter top – marble, for instance – you will want to think about possibly using a dark finish on your cabinets in order to set up a beautiful contrast. On the other hand, a dark stone counter could be accented nicely by a light stain on the cabinets. The final choice on this point is yours, of course, but always keep in mind the appeal of stark contract within a space.

Remember Your Appliances

When it comes to the kitchen, the other key element to keep in mind is your collection of appliances. Most likely, you will have at least a dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator which are all similar in color and style. Before you settle on the colors that you are going to use to finish the room, make sure you are picking shades that are going to work nicely with the appliances you have in place.

If you need any help picking out the perfect stone counter to set up your design to be a success, feel free to contact the friendly staff here at Stone World. Our team has tons of experience in this business, and we would love to share our knowledge with you. We hope to hear from you soon!

Granite, Marble, Quartz and Other Stone Applications Outside of the Kitchen and Bath

Everyone loves a beautiful granite countertop that is set in the kitchen or bathroom. Those are the two rooms most associated with stone because they are the two rooms that almost always have countertops of some kind. However, did you know that granite, marble and quartz can be used just as effectively in other areas of the home? When you open your mind to the possibilities, you will soon see that there is a place for stone surfaces in many spots that you may not expect. Here are some examples to consider.

StoneWorld WetBar
The Wet Bar

If you are going to include a wet bar in the design of your home, or if you already have one that is in need of renovation, using stone is a natural choice. Ideally, you will be able to carry the same type of stone through to the wet bar that you have already used in the kitchen. Using a stone counter on the wet bar in your living room or den will give the space a finished, high-end look. Our specialized stone consultants can help when deciding on weather to use granite, marble, or quartz for your wet bar countertops.

StoneWorld Custom Table
A Custom Table

When you need to add a new table to your home, consider using a piece of stone as the top of the table. This might be a unique idea, but it can look absolutely beautiful in the right setting. When you are able to pick out a piece of stone that fits in nicely with the rest of your décor, you can have that slab turned into a table with very little trouble. The resulting table will be heavy, sturdy, and a conversation piece for years to come.

StoneWorld Fireplace
Around a Fireplace

It is always a nice touch to add a fireplace to a living room or even a bedroom, but it can be tough to find a material to use as a finish around the edges of the fireplace installation. As you struggle with this conundrum, be sure to consider some form of natural stone for the job. The stone will serve as a nice contrast to the fire in many cases, and natural stone obviously holds up very nicely against the heat. Brick is a classic material to use around a fireplace, but you just might fall in love with the look that is possible when you opt for stone.

StoneWorld Outdoor Kitchen
An Outdoor Kitchen

Okay, so this is still a kitchen, but it isn’t the kitchen inside your home. If you are going to have an outdoor kitchen on your property, a stone counter – such as granite – is a great pick. Stone is naturally inclined to fight off the elements, and it looks just as beautiful outdoors as it does inside. It can be tough to build an outdoor kitchen that is going to stand the test of time, but a granite counter is one piece of the puzzle that should be a no-brainer.


No matter where you decide to use stone in or around your home, Stone World would be happy to lend our experience and expertise. Contact us right away for more information on the products and services that we have to offer and to request a FREE consultation. Thanks for stopping by!

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An Education in Granite

When most people think about stone counters, they think first about granite. Sure, there are plenty of other strong contenders for this job – quartz and marble are two great examples – but there is something about granite that keeps people coming back time after time. As you would expect, this blog has focused on granite several times due to the popularity of this beautiful stone. To learn more about everything that granite has to offer, it might be helpful to review some of the previous blog posts listed below.

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You probably don’t need to be sold on the virtues of using granite as a countertop in your home, as the benefits of this stone are well-known. However, the information above might provide you with the boost you need to take the next step toward installing a new piece of granite somewhere around your house. To work with an experienced team who can provide you with the stone and service you need for a successful project, please contact Stone World today. Thanks for reading!

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Drawbacks to DIY – Pro Stone Installation is Your Best Bet

These days, perhaps more than ever before, it is popular to handle home improvement projects on a DIY – or do-it-yourself – basis. The appeal, of course, is the opportunity to save money over having to pay for professional installation. When you do-it-yourself, you can complete the job just as you want while saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in the process. What’s not to like?

It is true – handling projects on a DIY basis is a great option for many jobs. Assuming you have a little bit of skill around the house, and you have the right tools on hand, there are plenty of jobs that you can handle without the help of a pro. However, one of the best skills that a DIY-er needs to possess is the ability to know when to call in the experienced hand of a professional. It is a mistake to take on a project on a DIY basis when you don’t have the skills, tools, or experience to get the job done right. In most cases, that concept is going to apply to stone installation. If you are in the process of having stone counters or other surfaces added to your home, save yourself a huge headache and have the product professionally installed by an experienced team.

Stone is Heavy
Let’s start with the biggest, and most-obvious point of all with regard to this discussion – stone is heavy. Really heavy. If you are going to try to install your new counter on your own, you will need to have a plan for how you can move the product into place. You will need to have friends who are willing to help, and those friends should probably have an active gym membership as well. With a professional team, you will have installers who are used to moving around large pieces of stone on a daily basis. These installers will have the strength to handle the job, and they will have the gear to do so safely. An accident while trying to lift your stone can not only damage the expensive counter, but it can also injure someone (potentially in a serious manner). Saving some money on installation simply isn’t worth the risk you will take on by trying to do this yourself.

Getting It Right
A quality stone counter is a significant investment – and it is not one that you want to get wrong. When you attempt to install the stone yourself, you will need to make sure that you get the positioning right down to the smallest of margins. If not, the mistake is going to be obvious and the counter will never look as good as you had hoped. Again, this is where experience comes into the picture. A team of installers who know what they are doing – and who have done it over and over again – are far more likely to get this right than you are when doing it for the first time.

Working with Cabinets and Irregularities
Installing stone counter tops is more of an art than a science. Why? Because no two homes, and no two kitchens are exactly the same. Your kitchen is probably not as perfectly square as you think, meaning there will be some adjustments necessary when the stone goes in to make everything look great. Unfortunately, you might not know how to make those adjustments and ‘tweaks’ if you try to do the job yourself. With a pro on your side, however, you will have access to all of the tricks of the trade. Experienced installers have dealt with plenty of problems over the years, so they know how to get the job done even when things are a little bit less than perfect.

There are plenty of projects in and around your home that are a perfect fit for the DIY treatment – but the installation of a stone counter isn’t one of them. Work with a professional team, such as the team here at Stone World, and you can have confidence and peace of mind that the job is going to get done right the first time.

Contact us to request your free quote!

An Education in Quartz

Throughout the history of our website blog, we have written and shared several articles on the many virtues of quartz – and for good reason. Quartz is one of the best options you have available when installing a new counter in your home, and it has every right to be in the conversation with traditional slab options like granite and marble. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of opting for this material for your next project, review some of our favorite articles below to start your ‘education’.

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When you are done reviewing the four articles above, we are confident that you will be ready to at least consider quartz alongside some of the other traditional stone options. No matter what countertop material you pick (granite, marble, or quartz) – the team here at Stone World will be happy to assist in the completion of your project. Contact us today to get started!

The Amazing Robo SawJet and How It Benefits Our Customers

Stoneworld Robo SawJet Delivery

The Baca Systems Robo SawJet day of delivery at Stone World in Nashville, TN!

One of the biggest challenges in the process of producing a quality stone counter top is the actual cutting of the stone. This is a part of the job that many customers don’t think twice about – but it is a major issue for the company producing the counter. Using the right equipment – equipment that can get the job done correctly, and quickly – is crucial to being successful in the stone fabrication business. Fortunately, here at Stone World, we have the power of the Robo SawJet on our side.

As you would probably guess, stones like granite and marble don’t come out of the ground already shaped perfectly for your kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops. Instead, it is up to a fabricator like Stone World to turn a raw slab of granite into a beautiful counter that can be installed in your kitchen, your bathroom, or anywhere else around your home. Of course, cutting an extremely heavy, dense product like a slab of granite or marble is a major challenge, which is why it is so important to have the right gear for the job. With the Robo SawJet, we are able to quickly and consistently produce beautiful pieces of stone in the perfect dimensions to meet the demands of our customers.

The Power of Water

It seems impossible that something like water could be used to cut something like natural stone – but that is exactly what happens with the Robo SawJet. A high-pressure abrasive waterjet is used to cut the curves of the stone, along with the use of a 20HP direct-drive saw to cut the straight lines. Cutting through granite and other stones is not an easy task, but it is made to look easy with the use of this impressive machine.

A Dual-Table System

One of the important pieces of customer service that we are focused on here at Stone World is delivering quality stone products to our customers in a reasonable amount of time. We know that you are anxious to be able to have your home improvement project completed, and we want to be able to deliver and install your stone as quickly as possible. With that in mind, the Robo SawJet is a great advantage because we are able to take advantage of its dual-table setup in order to produce more finished pieces in a day. While one piece is being cut, another piece of stone can be prepped on the opposite table. This greatly reduces setup time, and allows our team to be tremendously more efficient.

Stoneworld Robo SawJet Delivery

The Robo SawJet getting installed in our Nashville stone fabrication building (overseen by our owner, Duan!)

In the end, the reason we have invested in this powerful and versatile machine is because it allows us to offer a better experience to you, the customer. The efficiency of this machine makes it possible for us to offer great prices (while producing less waste impacting our environment), and the turnaround times that it can achieve mean we will be installing your stone as soon as possible. If you would like to learn more about our process and how it can help you have a great experience, please feel free to contact Stone World right away. Thanks for visiting!

Hey Nashville! What are the Advantages to Having Plenty of Kitchen Counter Space?

Nashville residents looking to remodel their kitchens should consider more counter space…

Stone World Nashville Kitchen Counters Remodel

Stone World Nashville Kitchen Counters Remodel

There is a lot to think about when designing a kitchen, whether you are remodeling an old kitchen or starting from scratch in a new home. You need to think about the materials that you are going to use, the budget you have for the project, how the work is going to be completed, and much more. Among the important points that you want to consider in this planning stage is exactly how much counter space you would like to include in your overall design. It might go without saying, but you always want to error on the side of more counter space rather than less, for all of the reasons listed below.

  1. Never Crowd a Cook
  2. Grocery Landing Pad
  3. Include the Kids
  4. Resale Value

Never Crowd a Cook

One of the worst feelings you can have as a cook is not having enough to room to spread your ingredients and equipment out on the counter. Cooking takes a lot of space, as you may need to use cutting boards, mixing bowls, and small appliances all at the same time. By designing your Nashville kitchen counters with plenty of surface area, you will be able to prepare any meal you have in mind without running out of room.

Grocery Landing Pad

Everyone knows the feeling of coming into the house with several bags of groceries – only to find that there is nowhere for those groceries to land. To avoid that feeling, make sure you have a big countertop that provides you with space to set your bags as soon as you walk in the door. It is going to be up to you, of course, to keep the counters uncluttered on a day to day basis, but starting with ample space is sure to help.

Include the Kids

If you have kids who you would like to be involved in the cooking process, it is a good idea to have a large counter that provides them with room to work as well. Cooking is one of the best things that you can do at home as a family, and most kids love to be involved when you give them a safe job to do. Not only will the family get to come together for this activity, but you will likely save time preparing dinner each night thanks to a bit of help from the youngest members of the family.

Resale Value

You may not be thinking about the resale value of your home much right now, while in the middle of a kitchen project, but there will come a time when this is an important point. When you do decide to sell your house, having a large kitchen counter to display to prospective buyers is going to be a big selling point. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house in terms of final sale price, so make sure you are offering an attractive space for buyers who love to cook. Read more about remodeling your kitchen to increase home value.

A big kitchen counter is only going to be enjoyable if it is beautiful and durable – fortunately, we specialize in both of those things here at Stone World (conveniently located in Nashville.) Contact our team today to learn more about the stone counters we have to offer for your project. Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment below on what you think the advantages are of having countertop space in your Nashville kitchen.

Our Nashville Stone World Showroom is open to the public! Contact us at our website to schedule your next visit.

Make Sure Your Cabinets and Counters Work Together Nicely

Stone World Granite Counters with Two Tone Cabinets

Stone World Granite Counters with Two Tone Cabinets

Generally speaking, there are three (four if you include the flooring) main elements that are going to come together in order to create the overall ‘feel’ of your kitchen – the counters, the cabinets, and the appliances. Of those three, you really need to focus on the counters and the cabinets during the design phase of the kitchen remodeling process. The appliances are going to be picked out toward the end in most cases, and they will probably be either stainless steel or black in color. However, the whole spectrum of colors is available to you in terms of counters and cabinets, so you are going to want to make sure you get these choices right.

Here are some things to consider…

  • Think Function First
  • Don’t Look for a Perfect Match
  • Variety within the Cabinets

Think Function First

Assuming you are going to go with some form of stone counter – and you should, of course – you are going to need to make sure that your lower cabinets are up to the task of holding up the counters. Stone counters can get to be rather heavy, meaning your cabinets need to have the structural integrity necessary to act as a reliable base. Pretty much any new cabinet is going to be up to the task, but you may have to check on the strength of refurbished cabinets before setting a solid piece of stone on top.

Don’t Look for a Perfect Match

While you do want your cabinets and your counters to work together visually, you don’t necessarily want them to match perfectly. In fact, trying to match these two elements should be avoided, for a couple of reasons.

First, you are going to have a hard time perfectly matching a stone counter to a painted or stained wood cabinet. You might be able to get close – but getting close would only highlight the fact that they don’t match exactly. More likely, you will want to use the opportunity of picking out counters and cabinets to feature two different colors that can play off one another nicely.

Second, you should avoid trying to match your counters and cabinets perfectly is the fact that the end result would make for a rather boring décor. Between them, the counters and cabinets in your kitchen are going to take up a significant amount of space – if they are all the same color, there won’t be much to break up the monotony of the design.

Variety within the Cabinets

If you opt for a natural stone counter, you are probably going to have more than one color represented within that slab. When that is the case, consider using multiple colors for your cabinets in order to play off the various tones included in your stone. For instance, you could choose one color to use for the cabinets under the island, while a different color is used on the cabinets which hang on the wall and sit under your sink. Adding this kind of variety is an easy way to create a unique overall design while keeping everything properly coordinated. You can’t have a great cabinet and counter combination without first having a great counter – and that is where Stone World comes into the picture.

Contact us today to learn more about everything that we offer – thanks for reading!

Serious Home Cooks Love Granite Counters

Granite Countertops in Kitchen

Granite Countertops in Kitchen

If you are in the process of installing a new kitchen in your home, and you happen to love to cook, you should look closely at granite as your counter top material of choice.

While there are a variety of stone counters that could work for your needs, granite is a popular choice among serious cooks for a variety of reasons. Whether you are a chef by profession or just a passionate home cook, granite is likely to take your kitchen experience to a new level.

The four primary reasons for considering granite countertops in your new kitchen remodel are…

  • Can Stand the Heat
  • Usually a Big Surface
  • Sturdy and Stable
  • Resists Bacteria

Can Stand the Heat

Most granite counters can tolerate having hot items placed directly on their surface without any damage taking place. This is a great advantage for cooks who might not always have a hot holder or trivet available when something needs to come out of the oven. Of course, you want to make sure that your specific piece of granite can put up with the heat, which will depend on the kind of sealer that has been used. The ability to deal with heat is a great edge over laminate counters, which need to be insulated from heat at all times.

Usually a Big Surface

In addition to having a quality stove and a great set of knives, one of the things that serious cooks appreciate in a kitchen is having ample counter space. Usually, when you opt for granite, you are going to carve out a significant portion of the kitchen to dedicate to the surface so you can show off the beauty of the stone. By having plenty of counter real estate to work with as a cook, you will be able to spread out and really get the job done the right way. Whether you like to make your own pizza dough, your own pasta, or anything else that comes together from scratch, having a big piece of granite will improve your cooking experience.

Sturdy and Stable

When you are hard at work preparing a delicious meal, you will want to have a stable work surface to use – and that is exactly what is provided by granite. Of course, you aren’t going to be doing things like chopping and slicing directly on the counter, your cutting board will have a stable platform on which to rest. There is no room for slippage when you are going to work with a large chef’s knife, so provide yourself with a work surface that can be counted on for stability.

Resists Bacteria

You always want to serve safe food to your family, and that task will get a bit easier when you use granite counter tops. Since granite is sealed, there are no microscopic pores for bacteria to use as a ‘hiding place’. You still need to follow the basic rules of safe food handling in the kitchen, but it is nice to know that your counter will not be serving as a safe haven for harmful bacteria.

You don’t even have to be a serious cook in order to appreciate the many benefits of a granite counter top, but those who do love to cook are likely to fall even farther in love with a granite surface. To find out more about how you can have granite installed in your own kitchen, please contact Stone World today!