Living Through a Nashville Kitchen Remodel – Three Essential Tips
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Design Tips – Play Off the Colors in Your Countertop
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Granite, Marble, Quartz and Other Stone Applications Outside of the Kitchen and Bath
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An Education in Granite
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Drawbacks to DIY – Pro Stone Installation is Your Best Bet
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An Education in Quartz
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The Amazing Robo SawJet and How It Benefits Our Customers
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Hey Nashville! What are the Advantages to Having Plenty of Kitchen Counter Space?
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Make Sure Your Cabinets and Counters Work Together Nicely
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Serious Home Cooks Love Granite Counters
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Great Kitchen Counters Can Add to the Holiday Experience
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Laminate Counters – and Why Stone is Better
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Is Your Kitchen Ready for a Stone Countertop?
Here is some breaking news regarding stone countertops – they are heavy! Okay – so that probably isn’t really breaking Read more.
Have Kids? Consider These Countertop Points
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How to Budget for Your New Kitchen This Summer
Updating the kitchen in your home this summer is certainly an exciting proposition, but it is also an expensive project Read more.
A Stone Island Countertop is the Perfect Finish to an Island
One of the best ways to add functional space to a kitchen is through the addition of an island. If Read more.
Has Quartz Been Overlooked in the Countertop Wars?
Marble and granite are long-standing staples in the kitchen countertop world. Each is incredibly beautiful, and their cost is often Read more.
Consider Your Entire House When Picking a Countertop
When you are in the middle of a kitchen renovation, it is easy to focus in on the kitchen alone. Read more.
Three Great Ways to Complement Your Beautiful Countertops
Countertops are an integral part of any kitchen design. Obviously, at Stone World, we take countertops very seriously. Whether you Read more.
A Stone Countertop as an Investment
Everything you do in your home is an investment. Very few people live in their homes for the rest of Read more.
The Benefits of Stone Counters in Your Bathrooms
It is increasingly common to seen stone counters, whether granite or another stone, it kitchens. The benefits of using stone Read more.
A Great Kitchen Doesn’t Have to Include Granite Counters
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My Granite Countertop is Heat Proof – Right?
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Picking a Granite Color for Your Kitchen Counter
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What are the Strengths of Quartz Countertops?
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What are the Strengths of Marble Countertops?
Marble countertops are a timeless choice, they’ve been popular since stone was first used in modern bathrooms, and are still Read more.
What are the Pros and Cons of Marble Bathroom Countertops?
Marble bathroom countertops are always going to be popular, and are always going to be part of the Nashville design Read more.
Three Rules for Proper Granite Bathroom Countertop Care
There is occasionally some hesitation amongst homeowners in the Middle Tennessee area who are looking to install a granite bathroom Read more.
The 3 Most Popular Natural Countertop Materials Available
The turn towards using natural countertop materials is a case of everything old is new again here in Middle Tennessee Read more.
How to Choose Outdoor Countertop Materials
The great outdoors are even better in Nashville when a BBQ is going on. With outdoor living such a big Read more.
Granite Countertop Installation: Start to Finish
Granite countertop installation goes much like other countertop installations, but with a few tweaks that make it unique. Home owners Read more.
Choosing the Right White Bathroom Countertop Material
A white bathroom countertop can be the perfect complement to an already light and airy bathroom, or a striking contrast Read more.
Chip and Scratch Repair for Marble Bathroom Countertops
Marble bathroom countertops are loved all over Nashville for their unmistakable beauty. Freshly installed marble bathroom countertops are incredibly striking, Read more.
Caring for your Outdoor Marble Countertop
An outdoor marble countertop is not for the faint of heart, or for those obsessed with things never changing. A Read more.
Caring for Quartz Bathroom Countertops
Quartz bathroom countertops are famous in the Franklin, Tennessee area for being nearly indestructible. They do, however, have their limits Read more.
5 Reasons to Choose Quartz Countertops
It wasn’t too long ago that granite and marble were the only two stone countertops that Nashville area homeowners wanted Read more.
5 Mistakes to Not Make as you Design your Kitchen Countertops
Designing your kitchen countertops is no small task. Homeowners in the Franklin, Tennessee area who have done one can attest Read more.
3 Kitchen Design Ideas that Work Great with Black Granite Countertops
There are three main kitchen designs that work well with black granite countertops. These three choices are all popular here Read more.
Minimize the Cost for Granite
Recommended DIY work to keep costs down during granite countertop upgrades Granite countertops can be more expensive, this cost is Read more.
Outdoor Kitchen Countertops
What type of stone to use for outdoor kitchens If you’re building an outdoor kitchen, why not use a material Read more.
Modern Granite Kitchen
Choose the best granite for a modern kitchen When you start looking at design ideas for your new or upgraded Read more.
Modern Granite Bathroom
Choose the best granite for a modern bathroom. Sleek, stylish and sexy modern bathrooms are all the rage right now Read more.
Kitchen Remodel
Remodel kitchen with granite countertops If your next kitchen remodel is one which you want to last for many years Read more.
Remodel Your Kitchen to Increase Home Value
Ideas for updating kitchen countertops to increase home value Remodeling a kitchen to increase the value of your home is Read more.
Granite in the Bathroom
Different ways to use granite in bathrooms You should know that choosing granite in the bathroom is a great idea. Read more.
Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen Island
Selecting the right granite countertop shape and style for kitchen islands Making sure that you choose the right shape granite Read more.
Granite Bathroom Showers
Ideas for using granite in bathroom showers When you want to remodel your bathroom, or if you’re designing a whole Read more.
Granite and Radon
The truth about granite and radon radiation There has been a lot of loose talk lately around granite and radiation, Read more.
Expand Kitchen Countertops
Increasing kitchen countertop space in a small kitchen Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean that you have Read more.
Country Granite Kitchen
Choose the best granite for a country kitchen There are two dominant kitchen design ideas in the world – modern, Read more.
Country Granite Bathroom
Choose the best granite for a country bathroom Not everyone out there is looking for a sleek and ultra-modern bathroom Read more.
Black Kitchen Countertops
The hallmark of many modern kitchen designs in Nashville is stark black kitchen countertops. For those who want a stone Read more.
Black Bathroom Countertops
Black bathroom countertop options Dark or black bathroom countertops are an incredibly stylish and modern look. Choosing the perfect bathroom Read more.
Remodeling Bathroom Counters
Remodel bathroom with granite countertops Have your old laminate bathroom cabinet countertops had it? Are you tired of them peeling Read more.
Remodel the Bathroom to Increase Home Value
Ideas for updating bathroom countertops to increase home value When you’re getting ready to resell your home in Nashville’s competitive Read more.
Bathroom Countertops
What type of stone to use for bathroom countertops Choosing a stone for your bathroom cabinet countertop is a natural Read more.
Affordable Kitchen Countertops
5 ways to save on new kitchen countertops A stunning kitchen countertop will always be a focal point of a Read more.
Affordable Bathroom Countertops
5 ways to save on new bathroom countertops A bathroom remodel can get pricey. Not everyone is a plumber and Read more.
5 Tips to Designing Outdoor Space
Top 5 things to remember when designing an outdoor space Your outdoor living space has to live up to two Read more.
White Kitchen Countertops
White kitchen counter top options A white kitchen is just the thing for those who want a clean, bright and Read more.
White Bathroom Countertops
White bathroom counter top options Many people in Nasville choose to have a solid white bathroom countertops for how much Read more.
5 Common Kitchen Layouts
Research the 5 common kitchen layouts before choosing your countertops People have been building kitchens in their homes for…ever! This Read more.
The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show
Latest products, trends and technologies The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show has come and gone for the year. It has Read more.
Unique Uses for Marble
Marble is a naturally beautiful stone that works well as a kitchen countertop option, but what many people don’t realize Read more.
Advantages To Using Quartz
Typically quartz countertops are not 100% stone (they’re usually combined with resins) so they are commonly refereed to as engineered Read more.
Quality vs Quantity
Choosing and installing new stone into your home is a big decision—and it’s not one we take lightly. Many companies Read more.
Using Granite In Your Business
Granite can be used in a surprising amount of places – Have you considered using granite in your business? When Read more.
Granite vs Quartz vs Marble
Which is the option for you? We already know a little bit about granite countertops; they’re durable and virtually timeless, Read more.
Africa Range Granite
Here at Stone World, we have access to highly unique granite that comes directly from our family quarry in Africa. Read more.
Care and Maintenance For Granite
Easy tips to take care of your granite One of the biggest benefits of granite is that it doesn’t require Read more.
Unique Uses For Granite
More than just countertops It’s easy to assume that granite is only used for a few things, and most people Read more.
Granite Edge Profiles
The right cut for you When choosing the right granite for your home, there’s also typically a second aspect of Read more.
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