3 Kitchen Design Ideas that Work Great with Black Granite Countertops

There are three main kitchen designs that work well with black granite countertops. These three choices are all popular here in the Middle Tennessee area, and can look great in your home too – with the right black granite countertops, of course!

The modern kitchen always looks great with black granite countertops

Stone World Black Granite

Stone World Black Granite

A modern kitchen with black granite countertops is a staple here in Middle Tennessee. Sleek lines, and minimalist design go great with black’s stark look.

Many color schemes can play off of black granite countertops in the kitchen. The most popular choice here in Middle Tennessee is black granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, white walls, and red highlights.

For something a little more earthy, try black granite countertops with blue appliances, orchid walls, and emerald highlights. Your design ideas will be different, but your options are not limited when you choose black granite countertops and a modern design.

Retro kitchens with black granite countertops

Retro style kitchens have always been kitsch here in the Middle Tennessee area, and black granite countertops can do wonders for one. A black granite countertop with a classic black and white checkerboard floor is almost a requirement in retro kitchen designs!

If you’re concerned about your modern appliances not working with your black granite countertop and retro design, specialty companies are making these retro items. You can also look at hiding your appliances behind custom cabinetry.

As far as colors to paint it go with retro kitchens, the automatic choice is pastels. While this works, there were bright colors in the past! Some of the best looking retro kitchens in the Middle Tennessee area with black granite countertops choose exciting monochromatic colors – bright yellow being a favorite.

Luxury kitchens with black granite countertops

Black granite countertops create an air of opulence that is only rivalled by marble. A dark granite countertop can do even more than marble’s textured look by creating a unified theme that is essential for a luxurious feel.

To complete the look to match your black granite countertops, use stainless steel appliances, a center island, recessed lighting, and upscale appliances like a plate warmer or my favorite, an under counter wine cooler.

Getting black granite countertops to work for you

If you want black granite countertops in your home, but need help finalizing the design, contact the team here at Stone World. They’ve helped many of your neighbors in the Middle Tennessee area choose the best style and execute it perfectly.

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