One Year Limited Installation Warranty

Stone World Inc. offers a One Year Limited Installation Warranty beginning on the date of installation, subject to the customer following and adhering to the simple “General Care and Use Guidelines” and the “Granite and Marble – Do’s and Don’ts Guidelines” as set forth below:

General Care and Use Guidelines:

The following are not deemed to be failures of installation:

  • Damage to stone caused by post-installation use, such as chips or scratches.
  • Natural inherent characteristics such as pits and fissures.
  • Cracks caused by excessive loading such as standing, kneeling or sitting on countertops.
  • Cracks or fissures that open due to the settling of the house or cabinets.

Granite and Marble – Do’s and Don’ts Guidelines:


  • Daily cleaning of your countertops should be done with a mild dish detergent followed by drying with a proper towel or soft cloth. Use of a natural stone-specific product is also recommended.
  • Clean up spills immediately with an absorbent paper towel or soft cloth.
  • For more intensive cleaning, use of a regular household glass and surface cleaners are approved.
  • Any product that is labeled safe for use on granite, treated granite or marble is acceptable for use.
  • Polishes and cleaners specifically formulated for natural stone (granite and marble) are acceptable.
  • Protect countertops by using a cutting board when cutting requires force.


  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or sponges to clean your countertops.
  • Do not use household cleaning chemicals that contain bleach or acids, such as bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners, tub and tile cleaners and drain cleaners. All chemical spills on your countertops should be cleaned up immediately and rinsed thoroughly using clean water.
  • Do not abuse your countertops. Abuse includes, but is not limited to, use that is unreasonable considering the normal and expected use of a typical kitchen or bathroom countertop.
  • Do not drop heavy objects on the product or place excessive weight on the surface of the countertop, as this can cause your countertop to chip or crack.
  • Do not stand, kneel or sit on the countertop. This can cause undue stress and may result in cracks.