Has Quartz Been Overlooked in the Countertop Wars?

Are you overlooking QUARTZ? We've got your countertops covered!

Are you overlooking QUARTZ? We’ve got your countertops covered!

Marble and granite are long-standing staples in the kitchen countertop world. Each is incredibly beautiful, and their cost is often offset by the resale value that they add to a house. Most homeowners don’t need any convincing when it comes to installing a marble or granite countertop – in fact, the only debate is often over which one of these two wonderful options to pick.

However, those are not the only two stones in the game. Quartz is a material that has gained in popularity in recent years, and for many good reasons. Countertops made from quartz offer wonderful durability, they are available in an incredible number of colors, and there is very little maintenance involved in keeping them in tip-top condition. If you are looking for a drawback to quartz, you are going to have to look for a while, because there isn’t much bad to say about this option.

Color Matching is Easy

If you have ever shopped for a natural stone counter, you know how difficult it can be to find exactly the shade you are looking for to match the rest of your kitchen. Mother Nature doesn’t take orders, so granite counters come in whatever shades the earth decided to create. On the other hand, quartz counters are engineered using mostly natural stone along with a resin which can be tinted to nearly any hue. When you visit a showroom to check out quartz counters, you will quickly notice just how easy it would be to select a look that matches up nicely with your needs.

Keep It Clean

One of the great benefits of using quartz specifically for a kitchen counter is its non-porous composition. You don’t need to worry about bacteria working its way into the counter, so they are more sanitary for a kitchen counter option than many of the other options you could pick from. If you are someone who likes to keep a spotless kitchen and you like to know that the surfaces are clean and germ-free, quartz will be your friend.

Long-Lasting Performance

Once installed, you can expect a long and useful life from your quartz counter. In fact, there is a great chance that the quartz counter will still be in place long after you have moved on from the home. As a testament to the durability of this product, many manufacturers of quartz countertops stand behind them with a warranty, which is not usually the case with other stones. This is a counter that can take what day-to-day life has to throw at it with relative ease.

At Stone World, we feel that it is about time that quartz got the attention that it deserves. Of course, we also love marble and granite countertops, so you should weigh all of the options before you settle on one for your home. There is a lot to be said about the advantages of quartz, and the list of drawbacks is rather short to say the least.  Even if you walk into the showroom with your mind focused on marble or granite, don’t be surprised if you walk out having placed an order for a beautiful quartz product. Call our office at 615.350.7000 to schedule a visit to our showroom located at 6150 Cockrill Bend Circle, Nashville, Tennessee 37209. We look forward to seeing you!!!

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