Unique Uses For Granite

More than just countertops

It’s easy to assume that granite is only used for a few things, and most people associate granite with kitchen countertops. While this is certainly granite’s most popular form, granite can provide its same long-lasting and naturally gorgeous qualities to lots of other spaces.

Unique Uses For Granite


If your porch is in need of a completely new look, granite pillars are a stunning option for turning an older porch into a brand new place to show off the style and look of a house.


Similar to pillars, a granite post can bring a lot of life to a simple part of the home or yard—like a mailbox or a lamp. Plus, because granite is incredibly strong and durable, it’s a great option for a light, a mailbox, or something else that may be outside and susceptible to weather and other forces of nature.


The idea of a completely granite fence might sound excessive, but using granite posts as a part of the fence— maybe even the pillars of the main gate—is a great and unique way to use this natural stone.


Granite works well as a flooring material just as it works well for countertops and tabletops—utilizing it as a durable tile surface in a bathroom or laundry room can work beautifully and be quite functional as well.

Fireplaces and Mantle Tops

This is a great way to use granite to showcase an aspect of your home that hasn’t been noticed before. Plus, since granite conducts heat well and can withstand it, it’s the perfect material for fireplaces. The unique uses for granite are limitless.

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