Care and Maintenance For Granite

Easy tips to take care of your granite

One of the biggest benefits of granite is that it doesn’t require much extensive care and maintenance in order to remain illustrious and durable. However, there are some simple precautions and steps to take to make sure the granite in your home or business is looking good and lasting as long as it possibly can.

Care and Maintenance For Granite

First, one of the most commonly suggested maintenance tips for granite it to use an “impregnator” to seal the top, which helps protect the stone from staining and unwanted moisture. Depending on the granite, its use and how well you seal it, how long the seal lasts can certainly vary. Some homeowners refurbish their seal once every few years, however new sealant technology suggests that many granite sealers can last as long as fifteen years. Not bad!

An easy way to test to make sure the seal is appropriately working is to drop a bit of water on there; if it beads up, the seal is in tact and working properly. If not, you can add another coat of the sealer.

As far as cleaning granite goes, you’ll want to avoid acid-based cleaners (as with most natural stone products). So, looking for something neutral to wipe down your countertops with will work best. It’s pretty tough to stain granite (especially granite with a sealer on it), but it’s smart not to let any solid or liquid sit out on granite for long periods of time in order to avoid staining.

Overall, care and maintenance For granite is relatively simple and easy to do. But, the better you take care of the granite in your home, the longer it will last and the better it will look.

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