Choosing the Right White Bathroom Countertop Material

Stone World White Bathroom Counters

Stone World White Bathroom Counters

A white bathroom countertop can be the perfect complement to an already light and airy bathroom, or a striking contrast to a dark floor. How you use a white bathroom countertop is up to your design ideas, but finding the right material is crucial. There are three basic choices in the stone family, and we’ll look at them below.

White bathroom countertop materials

White marble bathroom countertops

White bathroom countertops made from marble have been the A+, number one standard since bathroom design first began. This popular white bathroom countertop material is a favorite amongst Nashville area bathroom designers as they know that their design will get a few easy thumbs up!

White bathroom countertops and marble go together so well because many people automatically think of marble when they think of white countertops. Be sure that the marble slab you’re ordering is as white as you want it to be. Some varieties of marble can have heavy grey marbling, and some others can be brown to black!

We’re not going to say you’ll be royalty with marble as you white bathroom countertop material, but you will certain be stylish!

White quartz bathroom cabinet countertops

With marble being the defacto white bathroom countertop material in Nashville, Quartz bathroom countertops in white can be a refreshing change. You can find quartz in much more pure white forms, without the marbling that marble gets its name from.

You’ll find quartz in a wide variety of whites, which is great from a color selection perspective. From a longevity perspective, nothing will outlast a good slab of quartz. They’re acid resistant, scratch resistant, won’t break or chip, and are non-porous. Quartz may be the most unsung of all the white bathroom countertop materials in Nashville!

White soapstone bathroom countertops

Soapstone isn’t a very popular option for those who want a white bathroom countertop as it never really comes in a dazzling white. It is non-porous though, and this helps it immensely as a bathroom material in general.

There are many lightly colored examples of white soapstone out there so you could possibly find one light enough for your white bathroom countertop plans. What you will not find is one which can be as dazzlingly white as quartz, or as beautifully marbled as marble.

Help deciding on the best white bathroom countertop for your home in Nashville

If you’re still unsure of which white bathroom countertop will be the best for your home in Nashville, contact the team here at Stone World. They know the ins and outs of the design world, and they know white bathroom countertops materials just as well!

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