Affordable Bathroom Countertops

5 ways to save on new bathroom countertops

A bathroom remodel can get pricey. Not everyone is a plumber and electrician, but nearly everyone from Nashville can use the most basic hand tools.

We’ll look at the 5 simple things that you can do yourself so that you can afford to purchase the long lasting materials, such as a granite cabinet countertop, that will make your bathroom remodel last for years.


Take all of your measurements yourself

It is crazy how much money you can save by doing all of your measurements yourself. It is one less time that a consultant will have to come to your home. Why hire someone to use a tape measure – you already know how it works! For homework, measure the height, length and width of bathroom cabinet countertops in your friend’s homes to find the measurements you’re most comfortable with.

Design your bathroom yourself

Walking into a design room with a complete set of measurements lets you and the designer get right to work. If you already know the overall size of your bathroom, the size you want for the cabinet countertops, and what fixtures you want as well, you’ll be even more prepared. This cuts out more time that you have to pay a designer to work.

Install your own cabinets

Once the plumbers and electricians have everything arranged, you can get your hammer and a level and get to work. This can be the perfect time to get your child familiar with swinging a hammer, or be a good time to get the boys over and have a few drinks – once the power tools are away!

Prepare your cabinet countertops yourself

In addition to installing the cabinets yourself, you can prepare your cabinets for the countertop to be installed. For a granite countertop, you’ll need a 3/4 inch piece of plywood, a jigsaw, and some screws. See our other article on installing a granite countertop for more help.

Order and cut the marble slab yourself

Home designers love to think that they have the inside line on the best raw materials for bathroom cabinet countertops, the secret for those in the Nashville area is that many of them come to us! We have a large variety that allows you to find the style and color that you want – why pay someone else to find it for you?

Once you have the slab in your home, you can cut it with a diamond tipped dry cut circular saw. We go into greater depth in the installation article mentioned above!

These few things can help lower the labor costs of your bathroom remodel. Creating more affordable bathroom countertops can allow you to spend more on long lasting materials that add great value to a home in Nashville.

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