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What type of stone to use for bathroom countertops

Choosing a stone for your bathroom cabinet countertop is a natural decision. Their graining, flecks of color and durable beauty will look great, and function well for years to come. Not only that, but stone is also resistant to wear, easy to maintain if you have them sealed properly, and come in a variety of textures and unique looks.

closeup-4We’ll look at the three most often used stones for cabinet countertops in Nashville, so that you can figure out which is the right type of stone for your bathroom..

Using marble for your stone bathroom cabinet countertop

There is no mistaking the elegance and refined beauty of marble. It has been used for countless centuries to decorate the most luxurious of homes, and using it in yours will surely increase the beauty and value of your home. You can find it in many colors, from nearly pure white, to a pale pink to a dramatic dark. Take a look at our own marble slabs as examples of what your bathroom cabinet countertop could use.

There is a drawback to using marble for your bathroom cabinet countertop: if it is not sealed properly, with a silicone sealer, it can stain rather easily. Once your marble is polished to perfection, be sure to have it sealed up so that you never have to worry!

Granite is a popular choice for stone bathroom cabinet countertops

Granite is known for a rich and interesting look. It is an extremely hard rock (any harder and we’d call it heavy metal!) that is formed by volcanic activity. This forged in fire origin makes it extremely durable. It is nearly impossible to scratch, it has excellent resistance to heat, and is resistant to bacteria. This bacterial resistance is especially important in a material used for a bathroom cabinet countertop as things tend to get wet there!

Granite is more stain resistant than marble, especially the darker colors, but with a little sealing your cabinet countertop can look the same as the day you bought it for years and years. Click here to check out the extensive granite range available at our Nashville location, if you’d like to see a striking varieties of color and graining.

Choosing soapstone for your bathroom cabinet countertop

Soapstone is a good choice as it is incredibly resistant to liquids. This non-porous nature is an advantage in a bathroom. It is a bit softer a material than most other stone, certainly softer than the ones listed above, and this does make it slightly more likely to chip and break when you use it as a cabinet countertop.

The other drawback to soapstone is that you can have it in nearly any color you like – as long as you want grey or dark grey! There aren’t exactly a wide variety of colors or graining available, hence why many people wind up with granite countertops, or even quartz countertops, for their cabinet countertop..

Your home in Nashville deserves an excellent stone bathroom countertop, we offer a wide variety of marble and granite that will make your bathroom really stand out. Take a look around and see the actual granite or quartz that could be used for your bathroom cabinet countertop, not just a sample!

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