Unique Uses for Marble

Stone World Marble

Stone World Marble

Marble is a naturally beautiful stone that works well as a kitchen countertop option, but what many people don’t realize is that marble is incredibly versatile and can be used in a lot of other places throughout the home.

There are a few “obvious” uses that have become synonymous with luxury (such as marble staircases and fireplaces), but those are just a couple of other ways to use marble in the home. Marble staircases may be excessive, but utilizing marble as a fixture in the staircase (such as the entry way) might be a more feasible option for many homeowners.

One way to create something gorgeous and unique is to use marble to create a tile mosaic —whether it’s in a bathroom or as flooring in the entryway to the home. Obviously marble can also be used in other artistic ways (it was an easy choice for many sculptors and other artists.)

Marble can be used in hallways as well — it’s so versatile you can essentially use it in any way you’d like. It’s durable and easy to maintain and clean, so it makes for a perfect surface in any place in the house. Some experts will advise against using marble in the bathroom or in the shower, but many homeowners choose to utilize it in these spaces. It’s important to remember if you use marble in these surfaces, it needs to be cleaned correctly and with care.

Still, regardless of how you’d like to use it, the unique uses for marble are a versatile and beautiful stone option for your home.

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