White Kitchen Countertops

White kitchen counter top options

A white kitchen is just the thing for those who want a clean, bright and open look for their next kitchen remodel, or brand new kitchen. Choosing stone countertops for your kitchen is a great idea as it resists heat, is strong enough to last for years and is stain resistant when sealed properly.

White quartz kitchen countertops

If your go to choice for white stone is always marble, I’d like to draw your attention to quartz. The great thing about quartz, for those who want a truly white stone, is that it doesn’t have the black and grey marbling that marble gets its name from. Some examples of white quartz that makes for an exceptional kitchen includes our own Helix and Pulsar.

Not only will these look amazing in your white kitchen, but they also resist acid, stains and breaking or chipping. Don’t overlook quartz when you go stone shopping, it may be the best choice out there.


White marble kitchen countertops

Everyone loves to have marble in their homes. It has been used for centuries, thousands of years even, to decorate the most ornate and beautiful of living spaces. You can bring this into your home, affordably, by installing a marble countertop in your kitchen

Marble countertops are a bit softer, but they are still plenty strong enough to handle your daily kitchen duties – just try not to drop something heavy on it like, say, an engine block. Be sure that you the marble countertop in your kitchen properly sealed and maintain that seal to keep it from staining.

White soapstone for your kitchen countertop

This non-porous stone is less popular when it comes to countertops. You’re more apt to find it as a coaster or pestle and mortar. You can, however, find some white soapstone slabs that can work in a kitchen, just don’t expect to easily find the whites you’d get with quartz or marble.

If you’re looking for actual examples of the marble and quartz stone that you can use for your white kitchen countertops in Nashville, TN, take a look at our offerings. We have a number of options and work with other distributors, we’ll be sure to get that perfect white stone that you want for your kitchen countertop

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