Remodel the Bathroom to Increase Home Value

Ideas for updating bathroom countertops to increase home value

When you’re getting ready to resell your home in Nashville’s competitive market, or flip one you just purchased, few things can increase the value as much as a great bathroom remodel. What can you do to get the most valuable bathroom possible? It all comes down to materials and fixtures!

Choose long lasting hard surfaces

Remodelling a bathroom with the goal of increasing value, only to use cheap laminate, is a bad mistake. There is no value in it as it will not be seen as a long lasting option by anyone with any knowledge of the remodelling game.

The best choices you can make for your hard surfaces, including the countertops and flooring, are stone. This includes:

  • granite countertops
  • quartz countertop
  • marble countertops


Stone bathroom cabinet countertops will be sure to last for years, impress anyone who walks into your newly remade bathroom, and they last for years. Home value is directly linked to the value of the materials used – cheap materials lead to cheap prices. You can’t expect to install plywood and get marble prices, no matter how good the laminate imitates it!


One great sink or faucet can make all the difference. Look at the items most often used in your bathroom and think about how much more valuable a space is if you love looking at those items. Try to shy away from gaudy trends that can turn people off, go for classic and simple.

For a real bonus, consider for a certain fixture will look with your granite, marble or quartz countertop. Proper coordination always leads to a better overall look.

Reface your cabinets

This is a cheap and easy remodel that can instantly upgrade how new your bathroom looks. Doors and cabinets take a lot of abuse that adds up over even one year. If you’re already installing new cabinet countertops, just $150 – $300 per door you can have an all new looking bathroom. Just make sure that your cabinets are structurally sound. If water has infiltrated and started to expand the wood you may not be able to slap some new paint over them to correct it.

Change the shower head

Is your shower head looking scaly and old? Find a stylish new one. I know that every time I walk into a bathroom I look at the shower – it is where I’m going to be everyday at least once and I want to get under a shower head that looks clean and interesting. This $100 fix can add more value than you think as people find your shower inviting.

If you think that some long lasting hard surfaces are best for your bathroom remodel, check out our wide range of granite, marble and quartz slabs available in our Nashville store. You’ll be sure to find the piece that adds value and style to your bathroom. For visual inspiration, check out the bathroom cabinet countertops in our bathroom gallery. Remodel the bathroom to increase home value and earn the most out of your investments.

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