Modern Granite Bathroom

Choose the best granite for a modern bathroom.

Sleek, stylish and sexy modern bathrooms are all the rage right now in Nashville, and all over Tennesse. A true modern bathroom is not complete without a granite countertop – everything else is just an imitation of a modern bathroom. Read on to find out more about granite countertops in a modern granite bathroom.

First, why use granite in a modern bathroom?

When people think of modern they think of metal, technology and computers. Those things are all well and good – until sitting water is involved. Granite countertops are a long lasting choice as they can resist sitting water and still look great. Using cheap laminates is a mistake as not only does it defeat your goal of having a modern bathroom, but it will need to be replaced and repaired years before a granite countertop. The longevity of granite plays into the whole ‘modern’ concept. How modern looking will a bathroom be if the materials used chip and look old quickly? Granite countertops resist this wear and tear so that it continues to look modern, even when it is old.

Color choices for granite countertops.

When it comes to color choice in a modern bathroom, you want something that perfectly matches the other materials. Simplicity is absolutely essential, having a bunch of contrasting colors isn’t modern. Most people opt to have all white or all black, with shades of brown being another popular choice. No other material does black like granite. You can choose absolutely the darkest and purest blacks, to something with a bit of grain and flecks of other colors in it. Light to dark browns can be found all over the granite countertop options at our location in Nashville. Each will offer different levels of graining and color flecks. If your modern bathroom is going to have an overall brown color scheme, granite is a great choice. White is a color that granite doesn’t do that great. You’ll be better off looking at our marble options if you want something solid white. You can find some lighter shades of grey that can work quite well, but don’t expect the white you’d get from marble. Bathroom-1

Grain choices with granite countertops.

The key to many modern bathrooms is simplicity of presentation. Granite countertops can be found in many grains that are absolutely starck. From a solid black that shows little to no other color, to those with slight flecks of white, dark brown and dark grey, to some with graining going throughout it. Our location in Nashville has a wide variety of different graining for your granite countertops, have a look around at the 60+ options we typically have! The finish of a proper granite countertop in a modern bathroom There are few materials that can meet the finish of a granite countertop. A perfectly polished piece of granite will be as sleek and sexy as any other material you can use. Be sure that your granite countertop has been polished to a perfect sheen, and stay away from rougher finishes such as vintage and natural cleft. To get started on your modern bathroom, look no further than us right here in Nashville. We will either already have the granite countertop you need, or will be able to help you find it. See our current selection of granite so that you can start planning the rest of your bathroom around it!

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