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Remodel kitchen with granite countertops

If your next kitchen remodel is one which you want to last for many years to come, using granite for your kitchen countertops is a must. Settling for laminate and plywood is settling for the notion that you will either have to remodel again, or that you’re prepared for a lower resale value. With the Nashville home sale market as competitive as it is, why risk it with inferior materials?

The advantages of choosing granite for your kitchen countertops

People don’t use granite for their kitchen countertops during a remodel just because they look amazing. There are many very real benefits:

Granite countertops are resistant to wear – put any hot pan on it you want without worry of it melting
Granite is incredibly strong and resistant to chipping, scratching and breaking – they use diamonds to polish it properly
It is stain resistant to grease and other staining materials, especially when properly sealed
It is easy to clean and maintain granite countertops over the years

All of that from a stone that is found naturally on earth, all that has to be done is that the granite needs to be cut into the right shape – no chemicals or harmful process needed!


The incredible color choices with granite countertops

One of the reasons people turn to granite countertops so readily is because of how many color choices there are. Why settle for a stone that doesn’t match your design ideas when granite comes in nearly any type of color you can think of?

Click here to check out our own range of granite countertops. I’ll count it up for you – we offer over 60 different colors at this time. If you can’t find a color that works with your kitchen, you’re looking for a color that likely doesn’t exist in stone!

The resale value of a granite countertop in your kitchen

When it comes to reselling your home, you want to show people value added materials. If you show them a laminate countertop that they’re going to have to replace in 5 – 10 years time, this will not help you at all.

A granite countertop is known to be a long lasting option. Potential home buyers know that when they see this in their potential new kitchen that they will not ever have to worry about replacing the countertop. This type of value is very real to see as people know that the kitchen is an often used area – it isn’t like a hidden away new water heater that people won’t spend too much time looking at or thinking about.

Take a look at our own kitchen gallery if you’d like to get some ideas started on what is possible with granite countertops, and to inspire your own designs. Our location in Nashville, Tennessee is always ready to help you out, contact us with your questions.

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