Granite Bathroom Showers

Ideas for using granite in bathroom showers

When you want to remodel your bathroom, or if you’re designing a whole new one from scratch, choosing granite countertops, and other granite uses, are excellent choices. This long lasting material was forged in the depths of volcanic activity – it can handle the hottest shower you’ll have this chilly winter in Nashville!

I can personally speak to the beauty and function of a granite shower. My entire bathroom is granite tile with marble highlights. The warmth that you feel in a shower made of natural materials, rather than cheap plastic or flimsy glass, is one that can not be beat.


Granite slabs as part of your shower

The granite that will have the most impact in a bathroom is a solid slab. Being able to walk into your bathroom every day and see the grains flowing through the slab, well, who can’t help but compare it to the flow of the water about to envelop your body?

For a look that flows with your shower, choose a granite slab that with grain that moves from the top to the bottom, rather than side to side. You’ll feel like you’re in your own personal waterfall with all of the downward movement around you.

For a bathroom shower that looks like it truly belongs in your home, choose a granite slab that has a similarly colored and patterned piece that you can use for your bathroom countertop.

Granite tiles as a cheaper alternative in your bathroom

Ok, to be reasonable, a solid granite slab is out of the range of a large segment of people in Nashville, and the surrounding Tennessee area. This is not the case for granite tiles. These are still unique and completely decorative aseach one is cut from an actual stone. They’re easier to ship and install, and that does a lot to cut down the cost.

When you start looking around at granite tiles, keep in mind that you will have to grout each one. Choose one which is at least 12 x 12 inches in size. This will cut down on the amount of grouting and installation you have to do.

The great thing about choosing granite tiles is that you can choose a variety of them and create unique patterns. Why not have a contrasting border along the top or middle of your entire bathroom? This can move the eye around the room.

To start thinking about the actual granite that you can have in your home in Nashville, browse our granite selection. You’ll see a wide variety of colors, grains and sizes for all granite bathroom showers.

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