Granite and Radon

The truth about granite and radon radiation

There has been a lot of loose talk lately around granite and radiation, especially as to how it relates to the granite countertop in your home. This myth was recently given popularity on ‘The Doctors Show’ and those of us in the stone community just shook our heads. The understanding behind how this works was very low, and it has created a completely unnecessary panic.


What is radiation and where is it?

Radiation is something that occurs naturally. The leading source of radiation here in Nashville, and all across the world, is the sun itself. You’re being exposed to radiation every time you step outside – but in quantities that your body is use to.

You can also find radiation in other objects. It is in your concrete, smoke detectors, your TV, even bananas and brazil nuts. Granite countertops contain some radiation as well, in the form of radon – about as much as your banana!

What is radon and how could it harm me?

Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally. It is all around you, and always has been. The most common places to find it is in your own soil and the stones under it.

Radon will dissipate into the atmosphere over time, as it has since the beginning of life on Earth. It can get into homes through the basement as it seeps through all of the tons and tons of dirt underneath. Volume is the key here as it takes a lot of material to give off any amount of radon that is noticeable, let alone harmful.

What does this translate to when it comes to the granite countertop in your home? There simply is not anywhere near enough material to radiate any amount of radon to you that is harmful. It is more harmful to go outside and lay on the grass on a sunny day for a period of time than to even lick your own granite countertop every day for ten years.

If you came here expecting to read about how radon in your granite countertop will slowly kill your family, please just think practically. Granite comes from the ground. You stand on the ground all day. Your ancestors have stood on it since the beginning of time. The ground will not harm you unless you trip!

With that said, rest easy as you take a look at our wide range of granite countertop slabs – they’re perfectly safe for your home in Nashville!

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