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Increasing kitchen countertop space in a small kitchen

Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to be doomed to a small kitchen countertop that is no bigger than your salad bowl – for one, we don’t do a lot with salad here in Nashville!

We’ll look at four of the best, and easiest, ways to expand kitchen countertops and space without knocking down a wall, so that you can have the big Tennessee BBQ that you love.


Move appliances off of your kitchen countertop

Looking in my own kitchen, I have a microwave sitting right on my kitchen countertop. If I wanted more space, which I don’t because mine is bigger than a surfboard, I could have that microwave mounted somewhere else that gets it up off of the counter. Don’t just look at expanding your kitchen countertop, look at how you can use it better.

Cutting boards as temporary kitchen countertops

This is more help than you think if you start thinking about cutting boards that fit over top of your sink or cooking surface. When you put one over the sink, not only does it create more space for cutting up vegetables or whatever else, but having it right over the sink can be an advantage when it comes to cleaning.

In regards to the cooking surface, why not use that space before you actually start cooking? Multi-use spaces are the easiest way to increase your functional kitchen countertop space.

Pull out surfaces for a pull out kitchen countertop

This is an old school approach. I remember my grandmother having a pullout cutting board mounted just above one of the storage drawers in her kitchen countertop’s design. This hideaway option will not only increase your cutting and prep space, but it will get right out of your way when you don’t need it.

Fold down cutting and prep surfaces

A hinge is all you need to add valuable prep space to your kitchen. Take a larger cutting board, an ordinary set of hinges, and maybe some sort of support for underneath the cutting board and screw it securely to the wall. You can fold it down when you need that extra kitchen countertop space. When not in use it’s just another part of the wall!

Take a look at our kitchen gallery to find inspiration for what you can do with your own kitchen, and get the space you need to cook an excellent meal! Our team in Nashville is ready to speak with you about any kitchen countertop questions you may have!

2 thoughts on “Expand Kitchen Countertops

  1. Can a quartz countertop be expanded similar to the fold down cutting board with hinges. I would want an additional piece of the quartz made and hinged to the existing countertop. Then folded down when not in use. I have a galley kitchen.

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