Caring for your Outdoor Marble Countertop

Caring for your Outdoor Marble Countertop

Caring for your Outdoor Marble Countertop

An outdoor marble countertop is not for the faint of heart, or for those obsessed with things never changing. A harsh winter, or even a busy summer party season in Nashville, can do a number on them. Read this article to find out how to care for your outdoor marble countertop.

Caring for your outdoor marble countertop

Use a natural stone cleaner

There are many types of natural stone cleaners available in Nashville that will easily clean your outdoor marble countertops, no matter how dirty they are. A good one will have enough power to clean dirt and grime, but will not be so powerful that it will damage the finish of your marble countertop.

If your outdoor marble countertop still looks dirty after a cleaning with a natural stone cleaner then it likely has stains. These stains are not on the surface, like with other stones, these stains are in the marble itself due to how porous it is.

You can clean these with a homemade poultice, a mix of water and baking soda to a toothpaste like consistency, or purchase a more powerful one from a hardware store in Nashville.

A poultice works by reversing the staining process. It pulls the stain back out of the marble and into itself.

How to polish an outdoor marble countertop

For polished countertops, you can use an etch remover polish in small areas where you notice your outdoor marble countertop dulling.

Larger areas that are dull will likely require a professional as they will need to grind it down and polish it all over again. If you’re in the Nashville area, call up the team at Stone World for help with this.

If your outdoor marble countertop is honed, or a matte finish, a professional must be called to bring it back to its former glory. This fix requires tools, not lotions, to get it back to normal.

With an outdoor marble countertop, you can not expect it to be as perfect as the marble countertop inside your home. It’s not as bad in Nashville weather-wise as it is further north, but you’ll be able to get it decent looking with the advice above.

Help with your outdoor marble countertop

If you have any other questions about your outdoor marble countertop, contact the team at Stone World. We have the know-how and the experience to get your outdoor marble countertop looking better.

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