Black Kitchen Countertops

The hallmark of many modern kitchen designs in Nashville is stark black kitchen countertops. For those who want a stone that lives up to this design, for its durability and resistance to heat, they will be wise to read on and discover three excellent choices.

A black marble kitchen countertop

Yes, marble can be black! We’re listing this one first as there are not many strains of marble that are truly black, most will be interwoven with white, but dark examples are available for your black kitchen countertop. Take a look at our own Dark Emperador as an example of this. You’ll see that from a distance it is quite dark, but on closer inspection there are many lighter colors in it. If you need something darker, read on as we have some excellent examples.


Black granite kitchen countertops

Few stones in the world do black for your kitchen countertops quite like granite, you’ll have the absolute widest variety of colors and graining to choose from. For those that must have the purest black granite countertop, our own Absolute Black or Black Galaxy are excellent choices. If you want something with a little bit more life and movement to it, try Black Beauty, Verde Butterfly or Black Pearl as examples of what is available out there.

For something really different, Volga Blue is an example of a black granite with some white and flecks of blue – creating a truly striking kitchen countertop.

Black quartz for kitchen countertops

I saved the darkest for last here as quartz countertops feature some of the deepest and most pure of black colors available. They will all have some slight graining and other colors in them, that’s the nature of natural quatz countertops, but you can surely find some very dark options.

As an example of what is out there, take a look at our own Dragon Black, Dreis, Atlantis and perhaps the blackest of all that we have on offer, Dinux.

Browse around all of our stone products on offer and find that perfect black stone for your kitchen countertop in Nashville, and the entire Tennessee area.

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