Affordable Kitchen Countertops

5 ways to save on new kitchen countertops

A stunning kitchen countertop will always be a focal point of a kitchen remodel or new design. This is especially true for those who choose to use granite, marble or quartz for their kitchen countertop – there is no laminate or resin available that truly mimics the beauty of real stone, or add to the value of your home.

If you need to save a bit of money on your kitchen countertops, so that you can enjoy that long lasting stone that you want, here are our five best ways to save.


Take all of your own measurements

Why hire a ‘professional’ to come over to your home to measure for your kitchen countertops when you know how a tape measure works? Just be absolutely certain that your measurements are spot on. Measure where the countertop will be, where the sink will be, and accurately get dimensions for any angles you’re incorporating

Select the actual slab for your kitchen countertop yourself

This is another situation where design experts think that only they can help you, most of them in the Nashville area are coming to us for their natural stone needs – and you can come to us too! We offer a wide range of slabs from our location in Tennesse, know your dimension and we’ll help you choose accordingly.

Choose a thinner slab of stone

Most manufacturers and distributors of stone will offer their stone for kitchen countertops it in a variety of thicknesses for different uses. As an example, we offer quartz countertops in thicknesses ranging from 12 – 30 mm. Be sure that you’re ordering the thinnest option that will work in your kitchen to save a few dollars.

Cut your own stone

This may sound like bit of a risky proposition, and it is, but with a diamond tipped dry cut blade on a circular saw, you can cut the stone for your kitchen countertop yourself. This is an instance where measure twice and cut once can not be emphasised enough. Measure five times and cut once is a better saying here!

Prep your kitchen countertops yourself

Your countertops will need a piece of 3/4 inch plywood on the top of it to support the stone. Cut it to fit exactly on top of your cabinet with no overhang and screw it down with perfectly centered screws. If you can’t handle the cutting of the stone itself, you can surely cut a few pieces of plywood to save you some money in the overall installation process for your kitchen countertops.

Check out our own kitchen gallery to get ideas for affordable kitchen countertops. You’ll see some gorgeous stone kitchen countertop, the type that will add incredible value to your home in Nashville.

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