5 Mistakes to Not Make as you Design your Kitchen Countertops

5 Mistakes to Not Make as you Design your Kitchen Countertops

5 Mistakes to Not Make as you Design your Kitchen Countertops

Designing your kitchen countertops is no small task. Homeowners in the Franklin, Tennessee area who have done one can attest to this. To help your kitchen countertop design process go smoothly, try not to make these five common mistakes:

Kitchen countertop design mistake: Wrong counter space

Too much kitchen countertop space can be too much period, as this space could be used for seating, storage, appliances or walking. Too little kitchen countertop space can lead to you having to clean up your space frequently as you cook or bake.

Take the time to think about what you really need to use your space for. A baker will need more room than someone who only ever chops a few vegetables. A kitchen with multiple chefs in the room at once will need twice the kitchen countertop space. Design for how you’ll use the kitchen, not by where the spaces are or aren’t.

Kitchen countertop design mistake: Poor layout

You need to look at the work triangle concept and see how you can best layout your kitchen countertops. Your stove, fridge, and sink need to form a triangle that is easy to navigate. People in Franklin, Tennessee who complain about poor design are complaining about having a bad work triangle.

Kitchen countertop design mistake: Poor lighting choices

If you can’t see what you’re cutting on your kitchen countertops, how can you be sure that it’s food and not your finger that you’re about to slice into? Be sure to have a good mix of ambient light for general purposes, and spot lighting on specific areas of your kitchen countertop where you need to focus.

Kitchen countertop design mistake: Bad ventilation

You may not think that this is a kitchen countertop design issue, but think about that again when you realise that poorly ventilated cooktops will put smoke and loose particles of food down on the nearest thing – your kitchen countertops!

Kitchen countertop design mistake: Following bad trends

We all love paying attention to a good trend here in the Franklin, Tennesse design world, but there are good trends and BAD trends. A kitchen countertop design that is brand new needs some time to see if it is going to last or fizzle out.

Be careful of new trends in permanent places like your kitchen countertops. If a certain color that’s trending has caught your eye, and you have to have it now, try using it on curtains or a rug for now.

Kitchen countertop design ideas

For more kitchen countertop design ideas that aren’t mistakes, contact the design team here at Stone World today. They’ve seen some bad mistakes and corrected them, and have steered a few homeowners in the Franklin, Tennessee area away from a mistake that they later were thanked for!

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