The 3 Most Popular Natural Countertop Materials Available

The turn towards using natural countertop materials is a case of everything old is new again here in Middle Tennessee and the surrounding areas. The first homes built here all used natural materials – it is all that was available – and these materials still play into traditional Southern design.

The three main natural countertop materials are discussed below so that you can choose to go natural with a stone that works for you.

Stone World Granite Quarry

Stone World Granite Quarry

Natural countertop materials: Granite

Using granite for your natural countertop materials has been popular for the better part of two decades here in the Middle Tennessee area. The natural crystals and flecks of quartz in them make for beautiful countertops that really sparkle when polished right, and the wide range of colors available leads to them being used in many different color schemes.

Each slab of granite is a uniquely occurring piece of art as this natural countertop material is cut from the earth – no two countertops will ever be the same. This can be taken as a positive as you have something that is your own, but can be a problem as you wait to see your exact stone cut for other design purposes.

Granite is natural countertop material which will last for decades. It is one of the hardest known natural substances and can stand a few knife slips where other surfaces would scratch.

Natural countertop materials: Marble

We all know and love marble as a natural countertop material here in the Middle Tennessee area. It has been popular since homes first started being designed using modern standards, and will always be popular.

While marble is strong and heat resistant, it is porous and prone to staining much more readily than granite. You get the natural beauty of marble at a price as it is difficult to keep looking perfect, and will take continual sealing to stay decent looking.

Natural countertop materials: Quartz

I’m mentioning quartz as a natural countertop material last as because it’s only natural-ish. Anywhere from 90 – 95% of your quartz countertop will be natural stone, the rest will be made up of resin epoxies and pigments. This means that it is a natural countertop material with some human interference.

Using quartz as your natural countertop material makes you ready for nearly any type of damage. It will resist staining, scratches, and water due to its strength and non-porous nature. It was made to last and I assure that lasting a long time is what it does best.

Which natural countertop material is best for your home in the Middle Tennessee area?

Choosing your natural countertop material can be difficult. The team here at Stone World are ready to help you wade through your options and get you the completed countertop that you need, and they’re right here in Middle Tennessee!

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