Remodeling Bathroom Counters

Remodel bathroom with granite countertops

Have your old laminate bathroom cabinet countertops had it? Are you tired of them peeling up when they get wet? You should be, things getting wet is what happens in a bathroom!

What is the best option for remodeling bathroom counters when you want a cabinet countertop in your home in Nashville that will last for years to come? The answer is a granite countertop: it will stand up to wet conditions, last for years and can take a few things being dropped on it without fear of scratching.


The incredible visual appeal of granite countertops

When people think of stone they all too often think of those grey things out in their yard. This is the type of thinking that leads people to choose flimsy laminate when they want flashy and interesting colours in their bathroom after a remodel.

As you can clearly see from our own range of granite slabs used for cabinet countertops in bathrooms, the styles, designs and color selections are wide. From light brown, to grey flecked with white and black, a red tinged dare that will make your counter pop, to modern and sleek black. The colors available for cabinet countertops are much wider than those grey rocks in your yard!

The wide variety of granite cabinet countertops available

Not only is there a wide variety of colors, but there is also a wide variety of grains and patterns. A great grain can be like art work that has a practical use. Each and every one of them will have the same benefit of longevity and stain resistance – all you have to do is sort through all the options and find the style that most perfectly fits your ideas for your cabinet countertops.

The low maintenance cost of granite

You can use granite for your cabinet countertop for years without ever having to do anything special. If your granite slab is properly sealed before it is installed you’ll have your maintenance cut down to nearly zero over the years you own it. You can keep it simple with a regular cleaning, just like any other surface will need, using a mild soap and some water, or a specialty stone cleaner that is no more difficult to use than soap and water!

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