Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

What type of stone to use for outdoor kitchens

If you’re building an outdoor kitchen, why not use a material that can last outdoors – stone slabs! Here in Nashville, we may not get the harsh weather that those up north do, but you will still need a material that lasts for a long time.

A granite countertop can be just the thing that increases the longevity of your outdoor kitchen, while also increasing your resale value in the competitive Nashville home market.

Granite countertops for your outdoor kitchen

Granite countertops are well known for their ability to resist:

  • stains
  • scratches
  • heat
  • odors

outdoor-2Make sure that the stone you choose for your outdoor kitchen countertop lasts for many years to come, while still being as great looking as the day you installed them in your home by choosing granite. Not only are granite countertops great at lasting for years, but they maintain their colors after years of exposure to the sun – why pay for a great looking stone that will just fade all too quickly?

Sun exposure is a key factor to consider when building your outdoor kitchen countertop. A solid granite countertop can handle the sun of Nashville – one from our Africa Range will be even better able to handle the harshness of summer.

Using marble for your outdoor kitchen countertop

Marble countertops are another material that you can use for your outdoor kitchen countertop, it will certainly outlast both you and your home. It is, however, a softer material that will dull, discolour and scratch in ways that granite countertops will not. They can be repaired regularly and easily if you have to have marble. Choose a honed marble, rather than polished, so that scratches don’t show up as easily.

Quartz countertops for outdoor kitchen

A quartz countertop is another long lasting option. It has the same properties as granite in terms of longevity and resistance to stains. It also has the ability to resist microorganisms, yellowing and heat. Maintenance is also slightly lower, prices can vary widely.

To help move you along in your decision, take a look at the stone we have on offer at our location in Nashville for outdoor kitchen countertops. We feature granite countertops, marble countertops and quartz countertops in our collection. You’ll be sure to find the color and size that works best for your unique vision.

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