How to Choose Outdoor Countertop Materials

Stone World Outdoor Kitchens TN

Stone World Outdoor Kitchens TN

The great outdoors are even better in Nashville when a BBQ is going on. With outdoor living such a big focus in our neck of the woods, it’s no wonder that more people here are investing in outdoor cooking spaces. Which outdoor countertop material will be best for your space? read on and we’ll look at three popular choices.

How to choose outdoor countertop material for your BBQ area

The three main outdoor countertop materials are, as you’d expect, natural. Presented in no particular order:

Marble outdoor countertops

Marble outdoor countertops are some of the best looking you’ll see in the Nashville area. If you want one though, you had better be prepared to work on them. They will stain, they will etch, and they will not look brand new forever.

You can lessen this problem by choosing a honed finish for your outdoor countertop over a highly polished finish. Regular sealing of your outdoor countertop, along with marble polishing compounds, and cleaning up spills immediately, will also minimize problems. Outdoor countertops that are made from marble look amazing, but there’s a price to be paid for that!

Granite outdoor countertops

Granite outdoor countertops are a regular in the Nashville outdoor scene. They are durable, resist stains when properly sealed, seldom absorb odors, and don’t fade in the sun. You will, however, want to choose a lighter color as the hot southern sun in the summer can heat a dark stone up pretty high – we want to cook on the BBQ, not the outdoor countertop!

Another point is that those granite countertops that are very veiny, and filled with epoxies, are susceptible to UV rays.

Quartz outdoor countertops

If only more people knew all of the benefits of quartz outdoor countertops, everyone would have one! Quartz is nearly indestructible, resists all types of staining as it is non-porous, never needs any maintenance, and will resist fading.

The only drawback to using quartz as an outdoor countertop material is cost. Look again at how it can resist anything the Nashville summer has to throw at it, and you may well see that quartz is a wise investment.

Which outdoor countertop material should you choose for your outdoor space in Nashville?

Getting the right combination of style, color, durability, and price can be difficult. If you need help, contact the team at Stone World and they will guide you through all of the outdoor countertop material choices until the right one is found for home home in the Nashville area!

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