Granite Edge Profiles

The right cut for you

When choosing the right granite for your home, there’s also typically a second aspect of the granite that you’ll have to consider, and that’s the variety of granite edge profiles. This may seem like a small decision after landing on the type of countertop you’d like, but it is a decision that can affect things like cleaning, upgrades and even the safety of those in your home (especially children). Below you’ll find a few of the common cuts for granite edges.

Granite Edge Profiles


This is your standard straight edge for a countertop. It doesn’t require much in terms of upgrades, but it is sharp—which is something to keep in mind.

Full Bullnose

This is a granite edge that creates a completely curved edge, eliminating the potentially dangerous sharp corner of a flat edge. This leads to a smooth curved surface around the top and bottom edges of your countertops.


The radius edge looks a lot like the bullnose except the bottom edge is still flat. So, you get the smooth curve on the top and a straight edge on the bottom.


An eased edge essentially just ‘eases’ the edges of a flat cut—it’s not as rounded as a full bullnose and still maintains its rectangular edges, they are just slightly curved and eased out.

These are a few of the basic cuts you might come across when choosing between granite edges, and there are a few others that are more complex. These are all considered “custom” edges, and there’s a reverse bevel, a ¼ bevel, an ogee, and a cove.

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