Country Granite Kitchen

Choose the best granite for a country kitchen

There are two dominant kitchen design ideas in the world – modern, and country. For those who want a country granite kitchen, that really feels like the Nashville homes of old, there is no better type of stone to choose for your kitchen countertop.

This diverse stone is available in a wide variety of color selections, has excellent graining that can create excitement and movement, and is so strong it has to be cut and polished with diamonds!


Why do you want to use granite in the kitchen?

Before moving forward, I’d like to highlight the reasons why you want to use granite for your kitchen countertops. First, this stone is forged in the heat of volcanic activity. You’ll be sure that it can handle your hot pans, a little boiling water, and hot grease. This can’t be said for lesser materials.

The second reason, from a use perspective, is that this solid stone is resistant to bacteria as it and water can not penetrate it. This is especially true when it is properly sealed.

From a design perspective, few things say ‘country kitchen’ like a stone such as granite will. This is because the old styles of homes used what was around when they were built. The hardest material would be used for the kitchen countertop – and that was stone!

Color selection for a genuine country kitchen in Nashville

Country kitchens can come in all manner of colors, but most opt for natural earth colors – this is perfect for stone! Coupling some exposed wood beams with a granite countertop will really give you that rustic country feel – perfect for Nashville and our country roots!

For a brownish to yellow granite, that goes well with lighter woods like pine, try looking at something like our Giallo Veneziano or Carioca Gold. If you’re using a slightly darker wood, like teak, try a darker example of granite such as our African Madikwe or African Juperana. Take a look at them on our website so that you can start envisioning them in your kitchen, and plan around them.

Choosing the right finish for your granite in a country kitchen

There are all manner of finishes available, some will work better on granite countertops in a country kitchen than others:

  • Vintage
  • Natural cleft
  • Leathered
  • Honed

These four common finishes give a look that is closer to natural than a highly polished one will. The look you’re going for is ‘this just came in from outside,’ choose one these finishes to get that feeling.

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