Country Granite Bathroom

Choose the best granite for a country bathroom

Not everyone out there is looking for a sleek and ultra-modern bathroom remodel. The rustic feel of a country bathroom is one which reminds many of the older homes of Nashville, or of a more relaxed home that they haven’t had the chance to live in.

A great granite bathroom cabinet countertop for your country themed bathroom can make all of the difference, but which is going to be best?


Why choose a granite countertop in the bathroom?

First, granite is a long lasting material that resists wear, damage and water better than nearly any other material you can find. In addition to these practical considerations, style wise, what says ‘rustic’ better than natural stone? Don’t be fooled by laminates and other imitators – they start to look like flimsy modern reproductions all too quickly.

Color selection

A country granite bathroom can come in all manners of color. The most often used styling cues are rustic browns, yellows, blues and greens in pastels – natural colors! With exposed wood being so common in country homes, people choose to include a granite bathroom cabinet countertop which is appropriately colored.

This makes yellow to brown granite popular. See the selection available at our location in Nashville, such as Sunset Gold, Carioca Gold, or Giallo Veneziano as examples of this color palette. Try something a little darker if you’re using a darker wood like teak, rather than the commonly light colored pine. Examples of our own granite that goes well with darker wood includes African Juperana Tier or African Madikwe.

Grain selection

Country bathrooms are commonly very simple and fitting with the local landscape – that’s how homes were built back in the day, with what was on hand in the immediate area.

Those of us here in Nashville are spoiled for choice. Our Africa Range has some exciting options for your bathroom cabinet countertops, but think about whether or not a more local looking grain might be better for your home. Either choice is sure to last for years and look great, but think about what you’d naturally find in the middle Tennessee area.

The finish of the granite used for your cabinet countertop

There are many finishes available for the granite used for your bathroom cabinet countertop. The best for a country bathroom are:

  • Leathered
  • Vintage
  • Natural cleft
  • Honed

Each of these finishes gives an old world look that will not be possible if you have it polished completely smooth.

Start looking around all of the granite options we have on offer at our Nashville, Tennessee store to start thinking about what a true country bathroom would use. The suggestions made in this article are a great starting point, but only you will know for sure. That’s why we show you everything we have – it’s your choice to make!

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