Chip and Scratch Repair for Marble Bathroom Countertops

Marble bathroom countertops are loved all over Nashville for their unmistakable beauty. Freshly installed marble bathroom countertops are incredibly striking, but it takes work to keep them looking that way as they are a softer stone.

Here are a few ways to repair chips, scratches, and nicks in marble bathroom countertops.

Chip and scratch repair for marble bathroom countertops

Wax can repair your marble bathroom countertops

Stone World Marble Repair

Stone World Marble Repair

Wax should be your first choice as it is the least permanent. Find a wax at your local hardware store in Nashville. Rub the wax into the chip or scratch until they are full. Use a 0000 grade steel wool to smooth it out.

While this fix may make it look ‘good enough,’ it will not be permanent. If your marble bathroom countertops are damaged in an unnoticeable area, this is your first choice. Work down for worse problems, or more permanent solutions.

Color-matched epoxies to repair marble bathroom countertops

Marble chip repair kits are common in most hardware stores around Nashville. They are more permanent than wax, but they do have problems:

  • You have to mix a few ingredients together, and can make a mistake when doing so.
  • Application can be messy.
  • The color will never match exactly.
  • The repair is more visible on plain marble bathroom countertops.

Clear acrylic gels to repair marble bathroom countertops

This yields similar visual results to the wax, but is a more permanent solution. You will inject the clear acrylic gel it into the chip or scratch nicks. This natural stone underneath will show through for a nearly invisible repair.

Hire a professional to repair your marble bathroom countertops

A professional can grind it down and re-polish your marble bathroom countertops for the worst problems. This can be pricey, but may be the only way to repair multiple scratches.

Further advice on repairing marble bathroom countertops

For first hand advice, call up the Stone World team. They’ve helped many of our own past customers get their marble bathroom countertops looking nearly new again. If you’re looking to buy your first marble bathroom countertop, they’re the go to team in the entire Nashville area!

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