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Granite, Marble, Quartz and Other Stone Applications Outside of the Kitchen and Bath

Everyone loves a beautiful granite countertop that is set in the kitchen or bathroom. Those are the two rooms most associated with stone because they are the two rooms that almost always have countertops of some kind. However, did you know that granite, marble and quartz can be used just as effectively in other areas of the home? When you open your mind to the possibilities, you will soon see that there is a place for stone surfaces in many spots that you may not expect. Here are some examples to consider.

StoneWorld WetBar
The Wet Bar

If you are going to include a wet bar in the design of your home, or if you already have one that is in need of renovation, using stone is a natural choice. Ideally, you will be able to carry the same type of stone through to the wet bar that you have already used in the kitchen. Using a stone counter on the wet bar in your living room or den will give the space a finished, high-end look. Our specialized stone consultants can help when deciding on weather to use granite, marble, or quartz for your wet bar countertops.

StoneWorld Custom Table
A Custom Table

When you need to add a new table to your home, consider using a piece of stone as the top of the table. This might be a unique idea, but it can look absolutely beautiful in the right setting. When you are able to pick out a piece of stone that fits in nicely with the rest of your décor, you can have that slab turned into a table with very little trouble. The resulting table will be heavy, sturdy, and a conversation piece for years to come.

StoneWorld Fireplace
Around a Fireplace

It is always a nice touch to add a fireplace to a living room or even a bedroom, but it can be tough to find a material to use as a finish around the edges of the fireplace installation. As you struggle with this conundrum, be sure to consider some form of natural stone for the job. The stone will serve as a nice contrast to the fire in many cases, and natural stone obviously holds up very nicely against the heat. Brick is a classic material to use around a fireplace, but you just might fall in love with the look that is possible when you opt for stone.

StoneWorld Outdoor Kitchen
An Outdoor Kitchen

Okay, so this is still a kitchen, but it isn’t the kitchen inside your home. If you are going to have an outdoor kitchen on your property, a stone counter – such as granite – is a great pick. Stone is naturally inclined to fight off the elements, and it looks just as beautiful outdoors as it does inside. It can be tough to build an outdoor kitchen that is going to stand the test of time, but a granite counter is one piece of the puzzle that should be a no-brainer.


No matter where you decide to use stone in or around your home, Stone World would be happy to lend our experience and expertise. Contact us right away for more information on the products and services that we have to offer and to request a FREE consultation. Thanks for stopping by!

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Laminate Counters – and Why Stone is Better

Laminate vs Stone Countertops

One of the biggest choices you will need to make while remodeling your kitchen – or while building a new home – is whether you are going to go with laminate or stone counters. If this is the first time you are going through a kitchen project, you may not know much about each of these choices, making the process a bit more difficult. Fortunately, with just a little education, you can quickly understand the major differences between these two kinds of products.

The Price Issue

There is no way around this point – laminate counters are significantly less expensive to install when compared to their stone counterparts. If you are looking around for quotes on counter materials including laminate, granite, marble, and more, you are sure to find that laminate is the most affordable of the bunch. However, it would be a mistake to make your choice just on this point alone. Sure, you can reduce the cost of the project upfront by opting for laminate, but what will that mean for your kitchen in the long run? As the saying goes, you do ‘get what you pay for’.

Looking Deeper

If you allow yourself to look past the cost issue, you will soon see that laminate counters come up short of stone in nearly every other category. In other words, there is a reason that stone counters are more expensive – they are better across the board. For one thing, almost every homeowner would agree that a natural stone counter looks far more impressive in the kitchen (and bathroom) than a laminate product. Laminate counters are man-made, and will simply never offer the depth of color and design that is created by Mother Nature. Picking the right stone counter can give your kitchen a stunning appearance that stops visitors in their tracks – that isn’t going to happen when laminate is used.

Performance Characteristics

Stone counters aren’t only about great looks, although that is one of the major selling points. In addition to impressive looks, stone also provides high-end performance characteristics that aren’t seen with laminate. Most stone countertops are heat-resistance, which is not true of laminate. Also, the durability of stone is a huge advantage, as a new granite or marble counter top is likely to be one of the longest-lasting elements of your entire house. Laminate counters will show the wear and tear of use relatively quickly after they are installed, but you can count of year after year of performance from your stone counter with almost no wear to speak of.

To put it in sports terms, the battle between laminate and stone counters is a blowout. Sure, laminate counters offer a lower price point, but that is about it. In nearly every other category you can think of, it is going to be stone that comes out a winner. To find out more about what makes stone counters so attractive, please contact that team at Stone World today. Thanks for visiting!

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Consider Your Entire House When Picking a Countertop

Kitchen Renovation - Countertops

Kitchen Renovation – Countertops

When you are in the middle of a kitchen renovation, it is easy to focus in on the kitchen alone. That project can quickly become your whole world, and everything outside of the kitchen seems to take a backseat while you are in the middle of the process. Of course, ignoring everything outside of the kitchen would be a mistake, because what is going on in the kitchen needs to work nicely with the rest of your home.

Coordination is Key

If you have one type of countertops throughout the rest of your home – in the bathrooms, and maybe on a wet bar in another room – you don’t want to totally conflict those counters with the choice you make in the new kitchen. Consider these primary countertop locations:

  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Bathroom Countertops
  • Outdoor Countertops
  • Wet Bar Countertops

Of course, they don’t need to match perfectly, and matching perfectly might not even be an option if you are talking about a natural stone product. However, you want to at least make sure to think about the other surfaces in your house when choosing a counter for the new kitchen. You may decide to sell your home one day, and you don’t want prospective buyers to be put off by the confusion collection of counters that you have assembled.

Color Scheme

Do you have a common color scheme that is carried throughout your home? If so, keep that scheme in mind and pick a counter that carries on that style right through the kitchen. If necessary, you might even decide to enlist the help of a designer to allow you to pick out a countertop that makes sense for your colors. Since materials like granite often have more than one shade within them, you might find that the help of a trained eye is beneficial in this process. There is a significant time and money investment made in installing a new counter, so you want to be sure to pick out the perfect one for the job.

Don’t Overdo It

The investment that you make in your kitchen, including the counter that you select, should make sense within the context of your home from a financial perspective as well. If you own something that would be considered a ‘starter home’, you don’t want to purchase the most expensive counter on the market to install in your otherwise affordable home. The people who will be interested in buying your home when it goes up for sale are not going to be able to afford a luxury counter, so you aren’t likely to recover that original investment. There is nothing wrong with putting a nice kitchen into a ‘starter home’, but make sure you don’t go too far or you will wind up wasting money in the end.

As you are working on completing your kitchen renovation, make sure to keep the whole house in mind while making design and materials choices. You don’t need to match everything else in the house, but you certainly don’t want to create a kitchen that stands out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of your décor. If necessary, work with a professional designer to get the finishing touches picked out just right.

Stone World of Tennessee can help guide you in the right countertop choices for your home! Beautiful countertops is what we love. Let us make your idea a reality – contact us today for a free consultation.

The 3 Most Popular Natural Countertop Materials Available

The turn towards using natural countertop materials is a case of everything old is new again here in Middle Tennessee and the surrounding areas. The first homes built here all used natural materials – it is all that was available – and these materials still play into traditional Southern design.

The three main natural countertop materials are discussed below so that you can choose to go natural with a stone that works for you.

Stone World Granite Quarry

Stone World Granite Quarry

Natural countertop materials: Granite

Using granite for your natural countertop materials has been popular for the better part of two decades here in the Middle Tennessee area. The natural crystals and flecks of quartz in them make for beautiful countertops that really sparkle when polished right, and the wide range of colors available leads to them being used in many different color schemes.

Each slab of granite is a uniquely occurring piece of art as this natural countertop material is cut from the earth – no two countertops will ever be the same. This can be taken as a positive as you have something that is your own, but can be a problem as you wait to see your exact stone cut for other design purposes.

Granite is natural countertop material which will last for decades. It is one of the hardest known natural substances and can stand a few knife slips where other surfaces would scratch.

Natural countertop materials: Marble

We all know and love marble as a natural countertop material here in the Middle Tennessee area. It has been popular since homes first started being designed using modern standards, and will always be popular.

While marble is strong and heat resistant, it is porous and prone to staining much more readily than granite. You get the natural beauty of marble at a price as it is difficult to keep looking perfect, and will take continual sealing to stay decent looking.

Natural countertop materials: Quartz

I’m mentioning quartz as a natural countertop material last as because it’s only natural-ish. Anywhere from 90 – 95% of your quartz countertop will be natural stone, the rest will be made up of resin epoxies and pigments. This means that it is a natural countertop material with some human interference.

Using quartz as your natural countertop material makes you ready for nearly any type of damage. It will resist staining, scratches, and water due to its strength and non-porous nature. It was made to last and I assure that lasting a long time is what it does best.

Which natural countertop material is best for your home in the Middle Tennessee area?

Choosing your natural countertop material can be difficult. The team here at Stone World are ready to help you wade through your options and get you the completed countertop that you need, and they’re right here in Middle Tennessee!