Black Bathroom Countertops

Black bathroom countertop options

Dark or black bathroom countertops are an incredibly stylish and modern look. Choosing the perfect bathroom cabinet countertop to fit your black bathroom can be difficult as so many people use white marble for their bathroom cabinet countertops – but what about black?!?

We’ll look at some excellent choices, most being available at our location in Nashville, to make sure that you get the black bathroom you want, and one which will last through many showers, and morning shaves.


Black quartz bathroom countertops

Quartz countertops have long been featured and used in homes all over Nashville and Tennessee, and it has been used in a wide variety of rooms. It may be an even better choice for the bathroom cabinet countertops in your home as it is resistant to the microorganisms that grow all too easily in a constantly wet environment. This easy to care for stone is available in many colors, but the black options can be absolutely stunning, like looking at a rainbow dancing in a background of black.

You can choose bathroom cabinet countertop in quartz from something that is nearly a solid black like our Dinux, to something like our Atlantis which has flecks of white in it. Quartz countertop choices are wide, all while never giving you worry over longevity or cleanliness.

Black granite for bathroom cabinet countertops

There is perhaps no stone on Earth as diverse in its use as granite. It can certainly fit right into your bathroom cabinet countertop plans with ease. Granite countertops will last for longer than anything else in your bathroom and look great the whole time as it is very resistant to fading and can stand up to scratches.

Granite is unique because its colors range from the complete black of our Absolute Black range, to the intricately colored Vola Blue with its flecks of color that catch light. All you have to worry about is how much black you want versus how much color you want to sparkle under your vanity lights.

Black marble for your bathroom cabinet countertop

Finding truly black marble is difficult. There are certainly darker options, but a true black like you’ll find with granite and quartz just is not possible. If you absolutely have to have marble for your cabinet countertops, try our Dark Emperador as an example. There are elements of black in it, along with white, dark brown and shades of grey.

The two best materials that you can use for your black bathroom cabinet countertops are quartz and granite, with marble being something that you could consider if you don’t want it pitch black. We have all of these on offer through our website, and at our shop in Nashville. Check out each of our cabinet countertop slab options to find the exact style that works best for the bathroom that you envision.

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