Africa Range Granite

From our Namibia quarry to your kitchen

Here at Stone World, we have access to highly unique granite that comes directly from our family quarry in Africa. This granite is exclusive to Stone World, and while it comes with all the same advantages and perks of typical granite, it is also truly one of a kind.

This granite, like all granite before it, comes together after being forged by heat and pressure. The end result is a spectacular granite from Africa that is both gorgeous and exotic.

Africa Range

We import our Africa Range Granite from Namibia, where our team spends significant time inspecting and excavating granite to ensure that it is of the highest quality. We cut our granite in Namibia with diamond wire saws, allowing extreme precision and creating a truly beautiful outcome.

We stock our granite in the quarry in Namibia to ensure enough product is always readily available to be shipped anywhere in the world. After extracting it from the earth, our team takes the granite to be further cut, polished, and sealed using state of the art equipment.

Our first priority is the quality of granite for our customers, and we work to ensure that on every step of the way — whether it’s cutting the granite or polishing it to bring forth the vivid colors of the African landscape. You’ll notice that many of our granite selections are named for aspects of African nature as well, because we work hard to bring forth the natural beauty and quality of this one of a kind granite. From our quarry to your countertop, we bring global luxury to you.