A Stone Island Countertop is the Perfect Finish to an Island

Stone Island Countertop

Stone Island Countertop

One of the best ways to add functional space to a kitchen is through the addition of an island. If your current kitchen doesn’t have an island, or some form of peninsula, you are probably wasting floor space that could be better used through the addition of an island with some cabinets. There are two things that no kitchen can ever have too much of – counter space, and cabinet space. Adding an island addresses both of those issues, so you should strongly consider this kind of addition if you need to enhance your kitchen functionality.

Subtle Storage

The cabinets that rest under your new kitchen island are a great storage addition because they seamlessly fit in with the rest of the kitchen – in fact, you will hardly notice that they are there until you need to use them. Unlike cabinets which are hung from the wall, which have a tendency to make the space feel smaller, your island cabinets will do nothing but enhance the space. Rather than having to get rid of some of your cooking equipment or extra dishes due to a lack of space, you will suddenly have a great landing spot for countless items.

Working Space

Even in a nice kitchen, it can sometimes be difficult to find enough open counter space to work on your food preparations. The ‘main’ portion of the counter has a cut out for a sink, a spot for the oven and stove top, and more. Also, you probably have a toaster, a knife block, and other pieces of gear on the counter, even further cutting into your work space. Therefore, it is great to have an island that you can keep clean and free from clutter. With a big open workspace in the center of the kitchen, cooking will be more enjoyable than ever before.

Top It Off Right

Pretty much any kind of countertop can be used to finish off your island, but a great looking stone counter is naturally the best choice. Something like granite or marble will look stunning in the middle of the room, and it will provide you with all of the great functions that stone counters are known for providing. Remember, this piece is going to be right in the middle of one of the most important rooms of your home, so you want it to look great. It may require a rather large upfront investment to have your kitchen island stone counter installed, but that cost will quickly be justified when you see how stunning the final product looks in person.

If you would like to learn more about the options that you have available to you for a stone island countertop, please contact Stone World TN at your convenience. We have plenty of beautiful stone options available, and most of them would work perfectly as an island countertop. Don’t settle for a man-made product which will lower the appearance of your overall kitchen when you can get an impressive stone counter from Stone World for a great price.

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