5 Tips to Designing Outdoor Space

Top 5 things to remember when designing an outdoor space

Your outdoor living space has to live up to two key factors – the fact it is outside and subject to the rain, wind and sun of a year long weather cycle in Nashville, as well as being functional for your family to use. There are 5 tips to designing outdoor space for a functional, long lasting and enjoyable year round experience in this article.

Consider the boring stuff first – landscape and draining

Nothing bums out a homeowner in Nashville with big plans more than trying to fight their own outdoor space. If you don’t consider your natural landscaping, how it lays and where natural features are, you’ll find yourself paying someone lots of money to move objects around.

Drain your property properly to stay dry and save money

Your draining is a major concern. If you build your dream outdoor living space, only to have it flood, shift and sink due to poor draining, you’ll have wasted money and effort. Having a plan for capturing runoff water for use in a pool, fountain or other water feature can also help you reduce ongoing costs.


Develop a focal point

As with all things that lack direction, your outdoor space can become a confused idea that is difficult to use. A focal point gives your guests and family a natural point to gather, talk about and will organize how people move around your outdoor space. This can be a patio, a fountain or a great big stone BBQ.

Balance natural elements

You know us, we love stone. But even we have to admit that you can’t just lay down granite everywhere and forget the rest of the elements. Water, greenery and open grass spaces are important. Relying too much on any one element will create an imbalance in how diverse your outdoor space is. If all you have is grass, where will people put tables and chairs without ruining your grass? If all you have is stone, where will the kids play? If all you have is water, well, who will feed all the ducks?

Use long lasting materials

Materials that are ready to take on the abuse of weather and temperature change are ideal. These is, simply put, no better choice than stone and granite for all of your hardscaping. A granite countertop can last for years. Quartz countertops are another option for your BBQ area.

Take a look at all of the stone we have on offer at our Nashville location and envision how this long lasting material can work in your outdoor space designs. A granite countertop just may be that last touch that takes your outdoor space from one that lasts a few years, to one which lasts a lifetime.

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